Could The Feds Be Starting A Massacre After What They Just Did?

Georgia Execution

So the Obama Feds are sick of being thwarted by groups of anti-illegal-immigration protesters carrying flags and attempting to prevent their community from being overrun with migrants.  Local police officers in Murietta, CA are telling the protesters, who are still camped out and preventing buses carrying immigrants from passing, that the Feds are going to show up on Monday with riot gear to push the crowd back.  This is reminiscent of the recent showdown at the Clive Bundy Ranch, where militia members prevented heavily-armed Federal agents from taking (or killing) more cows from the Bundy Ranch than they already had.

Senator Harry Reid was quoted as saying, “It is an issue that we cannot let go, just walk away from.”  Even though the Obama administration is blatantly not following the duly passed laws of the United States concerning immigration, Harry Reid was incensed that any proud American would stand up to Federal government overreach.  Financial disputes are carried out routinely in this country peacefully, without heavily armed Federal agents.

Bill O’Reilly correctly stated on his program recently that the American public is getting really angry at the United States Federal government.  That is a serious understatement.  Better said, the American people are enraged at our Federal government.  They are enraged at Obama going around the laws passed by Congress and deciding what to do on his own.  They are enraged at King Obama encouraging thousands of children to enter this country illegally and then placing them in communities around the country for them to stay in perpetuity.

Harry Reid said during the Bundy incident that “We are a nation of laws.”  The problem is that Harry Reid, Obama, and Eric Holder only enforce or obey the laws that they like.  Their illegal actions over the last six years have made obeying laws in this country a moot point. Reid is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.  Any American knows that if they go over the speed limit on the highway, the cops will only be too happy to give you a ticket and take your money.  On the flip-side, they see these illegal immigrants blatantly breaking the law, only to be given services and comfort that you and I pay for.  It seems crime does pay if you’re an immigrant or a Democrat.

So now we have the prospect of more Federal overreach and heavy-handedness in the Murietta situation.  We have angry patriots who are going to be forcibly pushed aside as they try and protect their own communities from disease and unrecouped costs. What if some rogue agent decides he needs to taser some aggressive demonstrator?  What if one of these protesters has a gun? What is some innocent person gets hurt or even killed?  This is a VERY dangerous situation.  It could be another Kent State; only this time, the liberals will be in charge.  I only hope it doesn’t happen–as next time, it won’t be another Kent State, but will be another Lexington-Concord.

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  1. I hope that more than those that showed up too bundys ranch come to help those countys keep the law, that the feds are helping break………it is illigal to come too this country without going through due process. the feds need too be stopped at all cost. they wont go and stop them at the borders , yet they are going too go after americans …

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'd like to puke on that little gnome Dirty Dingy Harry Reid he is as useless as tits on a bull.The crowd has to make sure they surround the Obutthole gestapo so they can render them useless.We need a leader like Red Cloud he made the calvary look like crap.

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