Could Obama Be Stabbing America’s Closest Allies In The Back With These Actions?

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The list is long and distinguished.  The United Kingdom, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and now Germany have all had the pleasure of being betrayed or disrespected by the Obama administration.  What do these countries have in common?  They are, or were, some of our strongest allies in the world against the enemies of the United States.

In the latest rebuke of Obama’s foreign policy, Germany expelled the CIA station chief in a rare, public display of unhappiness with our Dear Leader and his style of dealing with foreign governments.  It seems in addition to listening to Merkel’s cell phone, several other American spies had been apprehended looking where they shouldn’t have.

There is a real clamor now domestically for Germany to have an even hand when dealing with Russia or the United States. Germany is an economic powerhouse and is being courted heavily by Moscow.  The incompetence of the Obama administration is nothing short of shocking in this case–but sadly, par for the course.

Most people have heard of the animosity displayed by Obama early on in dealings with the United Kingdom.  The most visible evidence of this disrespect was the returning of the bust of Winston Churchill to the U.K.  The bust had sat in the Oval Office as a symbol of the “special relationship” between the two countries and their shared sacrifice in defeating the Nazi juggernaut in World War II.

First the Obama administration tried to lie and say the bust was not returned.  However, it was found that they were speaking of another statue in the White House.  The one that sat in the Oval Office was returned in an extreme act of rudeness by our president.

Our strongest ally in the Middle East and the only real democracy for Arabs or Jews in the region, Israel, can no longer count on the United States to watch its back against the array of Arab nations that are lined up to destroy her.  The Palestinian Authority has aligned with Hamas, a designated terrorist organization; and the Obama administration continues to send billions of our taxpayer dollars to fund the radicals who are launching hundreds of rockets into Israel on a daily basis.  Obama publicly disrespected the Israeli Prime Minister while talking to the French President at a public event.

Iran is being allowed to develop a nuclear weapons capability.  This the same Islamic state that has repeatedly stated a desire to destroy the nation of Israel.  Israel will have no choice but to respond militarily in-kind at some point.  Saudi Arabia refused to fill its seat on the U.N. Security Council in protest against the actions of the Obama administration concerning the Iranian nuclear weapons issue and the refusal of Obama to arm the forces arrayed against Assad in Syria, an Iranian proxy.

Poland was shocked several years ago when the Obama administration cancelled the missile defense system installation on Polish territory that was intended to protect Europe from an Iranian missile launch.  The effort was engineered by the Bush administration and was really disliked by the Kremlin in Moscow.  We all know how the “reset” with Russia has worked out.   The Polish government had spent considerable political capital to get the site approved domestically and felt betrayed by Obama’s action.

One can only wonder if this is an orchestrated effort to loosen ties developed over the decades with friends around the world.  Will America’s allies come to our aid in time of need?  Unfortunately, this is a real question with this administration in power.  Our allies are right to be concerned and angry.

Photo credit: Everett Collection /

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole would stab anybody in the back if he has something to gain.He has done this ever since he has taken office.The only ones he wouldn't dare stab are muslims. Watch out Israel

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