Could Mike Huckabee Be The Next Ronald Reagan? They Have More In Common Than You Might Think…

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Almost everyone agrees that Mike Huckabee is a likable guy.

From my own interactions with him, I can testify that Huckabee is a guy I’d enjoy spending time with. He listens well – and, as a result, a conversation with him is always worthwhile.

Don’t believe me? Just watch 15 minutes of his FOX News show, and you’ll be amazed at the way he treats both friend and foe with courtesy. He’s genuinely willing to listen to others’ arguments.

The notoriously liberal publication, Newsweek, even showed him grudging appreciation in a 2007 profile, saying: “Huckabee comes across as an easygoing, down-to-earth guy. The former Arkansas governor is self-deprecating, approachable and genuinely funny.”

But we don’t elect presidents because they’re nice guys. Both Barack Obama and George H. W. Bush were known to be aloof, distant, and, at times, vexing. Yet both ascended to the White House.

The real question is whether Mike Huckabee is tough enough for the office.

The Importance of the Moral Compass

Does Huckabee have the courage and fortitude to make the difficult calls that a president faces day in and day out? Can the nice guy also be the tough guy in the oval office?

Presidents have to perform an extremely challenging balancing act. They must be tough with their opponents, but not so tough that the opponent is forever estranged.

Both Barack Obama and George W. Bush have had difficulty reaching common ground with their adversaries – and, as a result, the country has faced 16 years of partisan division and political sniping. Going forward, the country desperately needs a president who won’t excoriate his political opponents. We can’t afford more division and bitterness.

That’s why I think Mike Huckabee could very easily fit the bill. His style is much closer to that of Reagan and Clinton than Obama, Bush, and Nixon.

You see, despite his happy-go-lucky personality, Mike Huckabee has an inner toughness that’s difficult to see at first glance. I believe that he’d make the tough decisions if elected president, and the reason is his character.

Most politicians follow the prevailing breeze, especially on difficult cultural and moral issues. For example, when Americans opposed gay marriage, the politicians were unified against it. But as the polls changed, many of the same politicos decided to support gay marriage.

Mike Huckabee is just the opposite. I have full confidence that his beliefs won’t change – even on the toughest issues facing America – regardless of the social and political winds around him.

Reagan was similar in this regard. Both men have an inner compass that keeps them consistent on the issues. Reagan could be trusted to negotiate with Mikhail Gorbachev because people understood his firm belief against communism. Americans knew Reagan would never sell us out. We trusted him.

But today, when Barack Obama negotiates with Putin or the Mullahs in Iran, we have none of the same confidence. He, like so many other politicians, has changed his stance on important issues (including gay marriage); and that destroys credibility in the eyes of the people.

Mike Huckabee has the ability to restore trustworthiness to the White House; and, therefore, he has what it takes to be president.


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  1. Edwardkoziol says:


  2. I could vote for him. I believe he is an honest man and we need that now. I don't know why he would want it, though with it in such a mess.

  3. I would likely support him:

    But only if he were to get us out of the UN. Enough of the Agenda 21 being shoved down our throats. He must support the Constitution completely. He must rid our country of the executive orders submitted by the illegal one. He must completely rid our states of the dumming down of our children being shoved on us by Common Core crap. He must stop immediately the Data mining of all of us….and children through Common Core.

    He must throw out any orders made under NDAA to detention of the American citizens. He must restore our country from the violators that follow the UN.

    He must open the doors immediately for independent oil Drill Baby Drill. Restore our ecomony. Protect We The People not they the government. NO OBAMMT CARE period.

    Remove and stop the crap of the IRS and Fed Reserve.

    Face up have a strong backbone…..Illegal is illegal…..close the borders immediately. Ship all illegals back to their home country….includes all bambinos born in USA if their parent(s) are still illegal period.

    There is so much trash to repair now that I am no sure he will be able to clean all the filth out if one dem or rino remains in office.

    He may be an honest man and trustworthy; however, a strong man must walk the walk not just talk the talk.

    If Huckabee has the guts and backbone and remove the trash created by the Bushes, Clintons, and the obama adm full of minons and trash….maybe he is our man.

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