Could ‘Death Education’ In Our Schools Also Be To Blame?

What exactly is Death Education?  Back in 1990, ABC’s 20/20 actually did an investigative report that, to quote Hugh Downs, was “overly morbid.” PLEASE watch closely at about 11 minutes in where they talk about Death Ed at Columbine High School…

It was quite shocking to see that one of the students they interviewed was from Columbine, about a decade before the tragedy. It gives you reason to question if this program is harmless as some may argue or detrimental to the well-being of impressionable students who may already be having emotional difficulties. I think what’s most disturbing, besides seeing young kids playing with coffins, reading your child’s obituary, or seeing their name on a tombstone, is that none of these teachers are professional psychologists or have any experience in the field to deal with the raw emotions that these programs unleash. They might have received a certificate from a one-day training session, but that cannot possibly cover everything that they would need to know in order to answer all the questions that are raised. An important part to note in the video is at the end, when they talk about if parents know that this is in the curriculum. As the reporter says, most don’t; but it was comforting to hear someone in the media say “parents know if the kids are emotionally ready for it”, even if it was 22 years ago! Unfortunately, it still is being taught today.

We try and blame guns, video games, movies, television, and even psychiatric drugs; but maybe it is time to take a closer look at what is going on in our schools today. What good can come from teaching this type of curriculum? Why should we idolize death or expose young children to suicide when they are already confused about so many other things and are just trying to deal with the pressures of fitting in.

Maybe instead of trying to blame guns, we should take a closer look at what our children are exposed to in their own schools. Maybe we should stop blaming inanimate objects and actually sit down with our kids and talk to them. Maybe we should all be much more involved in our children’s education and not be naive enough to think that we can leave it up to politicians and teachers who might not have their best interest in mind.

I think it’s time we start standing up for a generation that is constantly being exposed to controversial material without our consent. Find out if Death Education is in your school. Find out what the curriculum is, and voice your opinion. One person can make a difference.

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  1. Making kids watch videos like these do more harm then good. It plants ideas into the minds of the kids that are outcasts and picked on. YES, ‘DEATH EDUCATION’ carries most of the blame. What is wrong with people making impressionable minds watch these kind of horrors?

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