Correcting Media Lies And Half-Truths: Las Vegas Killers Were Bottom-Feeding “Occupiers”

The media has been caught lying about a gun violence episode once again. Last week’s terrible murder in Las Vegas of two cops and an innocent man was turned into another dishonest attempt to strip guns from honest law-abiding citizens.

What we know to be true in this story is that two miserable pieces of human debris, Amanda and Jerad Miller, first killed two cops in a restaurant and then entered a Walmart intent upon committing murder. Seeing that both of them were armed, an honest citizen who had a legal right to carry a gun confronted them and was shot and murdered by Amanda Miller.

As is the case whenever a sensational gun related crime occurs, the dishonest media worked overtime to portray the shooters as somehow connected to any Right wing group they could. This case was no different. The two murderers were quickly painted as Tea party supporters and Right-wing extremists.

The truth about these two swine is that not only were they not connected to any Right wing group; they were in fact “Occupy” movement people and avowed enemies of our way of life. The Millers were present at the Bundy Ranch showdown, but only because they were violent anarchists who loved death and were likely hoping to see some death during the standoff.

Again, contrary to the media’s prepackaged “fill in the date and a few other details” narrative, the Millers were detected and ejected at the Bundy Ranch. They were not accepted and treated as comrades in arms.

The lesson in this case is always the same. The media are not on the side of average Americans. In fact, they hate us and would rather spend a month in prison than an hour with the “rubes and yahoos” they think we are. It is precisely because of this that we must never stop correcting their lies.

The Millers were being readied by the Leftist media to be THE shooting that finally stripped us of our guns – every shooting always is. When stories like this appear, each of us must become our own free press. Learn the truth, and speak the truth. Don’t assume someone else will do it for us.

Virtually every day, the media works to take away our freedoms with lies. In response, we have two choices: help them with our silence, or fight them with our voices.

Keep asking questions, and keep demanding answers. It’s the only way we will ever get the truth.

Photo credit: Zoriah (Flickr)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The press will always try to show how guns are bad but I'll bet if any scumbag reporter was about to get his/her ass blown away and a citizen carrying saved them I would hope they would be thankful.The Miller killed 3 ordinary people instead of going after politicians who deserve it.It's too bad Geraldo wasn't in the Walmart.This POS should have been shot in LIbya but the terrorist missed.

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