Cornyn Perfects Bait-And-Switch

Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman is taking on an establishment candidate in his state’s upcoming Senate primary race. He recently sat down for an exclusive interview with the Western Center for Journalism to explain the motivation behind trying to oust Sen. John Cornyn.

He explained there is ample evidence detailing his opponent’s insincerity toward his conservative base.

Cornyn has publicly stated “that he wants to be less controversial with Obama,” Stockman said. The senior senator from Texas has also set his sights on the state’s other senator, Tea Party-backed Ted Cruz.

According to Stockman, Cornyn “patronized” Cruz, saying that “he hopes he learned lessons from the government shutdown and kind of ridiculed him.”

Stockman’s most emphatic criticism, however, concerns Cornyn’s assertion that he “wants to work more closely with President Obama and be less controversial in the next three years.”

Such a platform of placation, he suggested, is a betrayal of those who voted for his opponent.

“I don’t view that as serving the people of Texas,” Stockman said, describing the duplicitous message as “genuinely dishonest.”

Cornyn was elected due to his supposed “conservative credentials,” Stockman said, indicating that his real intention is to “go back and do the exact opposite.”

In that regard, he added, his opponent is no different than the leftists with whom he ostensibly disagrees.

“In television,” Stockman explained, “I think we call that the bait-and-switch.”

He said Cornyn’s behavior is “what we’re getting from the president and some senators up there.”

As of this writing, Cornyn’s office has not responded to requests for comment.

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