Consummate Newsman Piers Morgan Falls For Palin Parody

Photo credit: thisiscow (Creative Commons)

It is not difficult to find a leftist media figure willing to risk whatever credibility he or she might have to insult former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The Tea Party favorite has become a lightning rod for liberal caterwauling since she burst onto the national scene as John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

Though much of the criticism is rooted in outrageous exaggerations of Palin’s actual words or deeds, one news personality proved his dedication to fact-checking by perpetuating an entirely fictional news story published by a humor website.

Linking to a post on the satire site The Daily Currant, CNN’s Piers Morgan presented the article as fact to his followers on Twitter.

“Sarah Palin Claims Jesus Celebrated Easter,” the fake article’s headline states. In his apparent rush to disparage the conservative stalwart, he posted the link along with his own commentary: “And she’s back!”

Along with other patently absurd headlines published the same day, including “Nancy Grace Arrested For Murder,” it would have taken virtually no effort to determine the entire article was fabricated. The headline confirmed Morgan’s opinion of Palin as a rube, however, and it seems he felt justified in running with the narrative.

Some of his followers, of course, are familiar with the site and quickly informed Morgan of his error.

“You do realize this is a satire website, right?” one tweet asked.

In response, Morgan wrote, “I do, yes…relax.”

Though his follow-up comment hints at indignation that anyone would suggest he made a mistake, there is absolutely nothing about his original post to indicate that he was in on the joke.

The self-righteous host, who openly mocks traditional Americans as part of his network shtick, proved once again that his primary motive is to demonize the right at any cost.

Considering his hostility toward the principles on which this nation was founded, one wonders why Morgan is so intent on remaining in the U.S. when his native land is only a plane ride away.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: thisiscow (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is one dumb limey,is there anyway we can ship him back to England so they can throw his sorry ass in jail.I thought we were only suppose to keep the brightest ones but somebody screwed up keeping him.We have lot of good Brits here, Piers is just not one of them beside doesn't he look like Howard Deans brother another democrap ass.

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