Conservatives Win Big In Kan. Senate Primaries

kansas flag SC Conservatives Win Big In Kan. Senate Primaries

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Conservative Republicans who’ve been working to push GOP moderates out of state legislatures in a large section of the country have scored big victories in Kansas, where a state Senate that has been an obstacle to fiscal and social policy changes is likely to have a solid majority on the right next year.

Unlike other states, where results for conservatives have been mixed, Tuesday’s primary in Kansas saw voters in GOP races oust seven incumbent moderate senators. An eighth, Senate President Steve Morris, a moderate Hugoton Republican, trailed his conservative opponent, likely marking the end of Morris’ 20-year career as a legislator.

The targeted moderate incumbents outspent their conservative challengers, often by margins of 3-to-1 or more and received financial support from the state’s largest teachers’ union and labor groups normally aligned with Democrats. But conservatives had the backing of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and the anti-tax, small-government group Americans for Prosperity, and the result was hundreds of thousands of dollars in spending by both candidates and political action committees.

Some GOP voters transferred their ongoing frustration with Democratic President Barack Obama and the federal health care law he championed to moderate GOP state senators. Some wanted the Senate to be more conservative and more in line with Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and the state House’s right-leaning majority.

“I would like it as conservative as it can get,” said Alex Yoho, a 56-year-old optician from Topeka, who voted for a conservative challenger in his local state Senate race. “You can’t get too conservative for me.”

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    Is Kansas the ONLY state that has been paying attention??
    Shouldn't WE have a landslide majority??

    • BillyJean says:

      It should be a landslide, his record speaks for itself. I do not understand why anyone in their right mind would vote for this man. His slogan is Forward, but the truth is, it is Backwards, if he is re-elected the US will go Backwards and deeper into more debt and no jobs. May God Help Us

  2. Disgusted says:

    In Texas, we ousted David Dewhurst, and to me, this was an indication of the beginnings of Voting Out all IN CUM BENTS!! This is one way to start the process of ridding our nation of the ones who have become too comfortable in their positions, and seats of power. If Kansas is doing this, then they are on the right track. The other states should do the same, and proceed on to Washington, and vote out the worst of all, the Disease in office, or the ENEMY within! And, remember too, that this sitting ENEMY, this INSULT, this INFECTION IN OFFICE is not the only one who has to be thrown out! Every single IN CUM BENT in any office at all should be rejected, and new ones elected. This is to send a loud, and very clear message that we are sick of them all, and any new ones need to UNDERSTAND FROM THE START that if they do not do the JOBS THEY WERE HIRED TO DO, then they too will be ejected, rejected as unworthy of being there. We, the People, need to start SPEAKING VERY LOUDLY AND CLEARLY! Kansas just did, as well as this one race in Texas, EITHER DO YOUR JOBS AS THEY ARE TO BE DONE OR YOU WILL BE FORCED OUT!!!!!!!

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