Recent Poll Reveals Just What Conservatives Need To Tip The Scales In November

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After soliciting responses from more than 66,000 Americans living in states with an upcoming U.S. Senate race, polling results published by the New York Times show Republicans – specifically conservatives – are poised for a takeover of the chamber.

The Times partnered with CBS to conduct the wide-ranging survey, which also included the context of a previous YouGov poll to indicate in which direction each state’s preferences are shifting.

In the end, the poll found that the GOP has a 60 percent chance of taking back the Senate by gaining at least the six seats it needs to constitute a majority. That probability has jumped from 54 percent since April.

Conservative candidates have made big gains in some traditionally blue states, including Michigan. While Democrat Rep. Gary Peters has held a steady lead in the polls over his opponent Terry Lynn Land, the recent poll shows that trend is reversing. The Tea Party-aligned Land now enjoys a two-point lead over her rival.

In other races, such as New Jersey, Democrats are losing ground in what some might have considered a safe seat. Voters in the Garden State have apparently cooled on Cory Booker, with the poll showing his Republican opponent Jeff Bell is now within striking distance of beating the incumbent. Booker now leads Bell by just a 50-43 margin, a huge gain for the conservative who, as recently as last month, was down by 13 percent in some polls.

Bell responded to the gains with optimism, noting the increase in support has come without any increased voter outreach or advertising by his campaign. He noted that his appeal is not simply with those in the GOP, indicating he now enjoys an eight point lead among independent voters dissatisfied with Booker’s leadership.

Some states do show promising outlooks for Democrats. According to pollsters, results from at least one of these states should be viewed skeptically. The Alaska race, which pits Democrat Mark Begich against three GOP contenders, is very difficult to accurately poll, the Times cautions.

By using the YouGov data, the Times/CBS poll is able to compare current sentiments with those of previous election cycles by contacting many of the same respondents. In addition to significant GOP gains in Michigan, the survey indicates states like North Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky are also showing similar trends.

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