Conservative Stars Sign On For Pro-Gun Rights Event


An upcoming event in Phoenix features many of today’s most sought-after conservative artists gathered for a common cause: protecting the Second Amendment. While the leftist response to recent mass shootings is to curtail gun ownership rights for everyone, organizers of Hands Off Our Guns realize the best defense against such violence is a well-prepared and armed populace.

Boasting none other than the National Rifle Association as its title sponsor, conservative talk radio host Don Smith has added a deep lineup of entertainers to make the upcoming concert as engaging as possible. He has orchestrated the event under the umbrella of his military advocacy group, All American Veterans, and has attracted several other high-profile sponsors.

In addition to patriotic music from renowned artists such as Lee Greenwood, Andy Ross, RADAR, and James Kole, the event will also feature comedic performances by Jim Labriola and Saturday Night Live alum Victoria Jackson. Recognizable from his frequent appearances on Home Improvement, Labriola will serve as the concert’s master of ceremonies.

Other special guests, including retired U.S. Arm Gen. Paul Vallely and acclaimed journalist Jan Morgan will also be on hand to deliver impactful addresses regarding American liberty.

Those in attendance will have an chance to leave with an unforgettable memento, as prizes such as a brand new AR-15 rifle, autographed memorabilia, and NRA memberships will be up for grabs.

Hands Off Our Guns is the first event of its kind and those who are concerned about the persistent attack on the Second Amendment are sure to be encouraged by this night of unparalleled entertainment and enlightenment.

Tickets are now available for the concert, which will begin Nov. 16 at 5 p.m. in downtown Phoenix’s beautiful Comerica Theater. For ticket information or to become a sponsor, visit the official site.

–B. Christopher Agee

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