Conservative Radio Giant Hits the Road

Neal Boortz SC

After more than four decades on the air, much of it as part of his syndicated eponymous program based in Atlanta, Ga., Neal Boortz retired earlier this year. As one of the headlining speakers at the upcoming Western Conservative Conference, the libertarian firebrand remains as relevant as ever in his golden years.

Boortz handed the reins of his show to longtime friend and former presidential candidate Herman Cain and continues to serve as a guest host on the rebranded show. The widely popular host who amassed a loyal audience of more than four million listeners still produces a daily podcast featuring his unique perspective. Capable of offending ideologues in either party, Boortz stands firm on his principles and conveys his beliefs with a healthy dose of humor and self-deprecation.

The Pennsylvania native traveled extensively as part of a military family before settling in Atlanta after attending college at Texas A&M University during the 1960s. Though he held many jobs during his young adulthood and earned his law degree from John Marshall Law School, political talk radio remained a passion for the fledgling host.

Though he practiced law until 1992, he was a frequent voice on local radio throughout his career. Shortly after his departure from private practice, he signed a deal with WSB, a major Atlanta station, to host his own program. Ultimately syndicated to reach more than 250 stations, Boortz quickly became a heavy-hitter among conservative talkers.

In 2002, his show received two prestigious honors. In addition to being named as a Marconi Award finalist for “Network Syndicated Personality of the Year,” Radio and Records Magazine selected him as its “Newstalk Personality of the Year.”

He followed up this success with a trio of New York Times bestselling books. His advocacy for tax reform and support of the Fair Tax led to his co-authorship of two primers regarding the details of this revenue system. Boortz also penned the highly successful tome “Somebody’s Gotta Say It.”

A pilot and golfer, he has been able to carve out time for his hobbies and family during the first few months of his retirement. Those expecting him to shrink into the background, however, might want to reconsider.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Deseronto Archives (Creative Commons)

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  1. Boortz is a good American "period" ? Whoops sorry Mr.O I do know you do own that word Period…

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Uncle Neal was right on par with Rush Limbaugh enjoyed listening.Herman Caine is good but he is no Neal.

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