Conservative Calls Congressional Black Caucus Racist

Photo credit: JSmith Photo (Creative Commons)

In a tacit admission of their own intellectual dishonesty, leftists routinely resort to calling their opponents racist for daring to challenge the progressive narrative. Meanwhile, many of these very culprits engage in activity that by any definition could be described as racist.

Dr. Ben Carson, an acclaimed neurosurgeon who recently gained popularity among conservatives for his straightforward style of exposing the left’s hypocrisy, pointed out such an example among a group of black legislators.

In a recent interview, Carson explained his belief that the Congressional Black Caucus engages in racist behavior by refusing members of other races. The renowned doctor, himself a black man, offered an explanation for his pointed accusation.

He defined racism “as people making decisions about others based on superficial characteristics and unfairly doing so.” As the interview progressed, he maintained that the CBC easily fits that bill.

When host Jan Helfeld asked Carson if a group that extended membership to only one race is guilty of racism, he said he believes it is. Helfeld then brought up the CBC, which he confirmed does not allow members of any other race.

Carson expressed curiosity regarding how this group would feel if its members were similarly denied access to another organization based entirely on their skin color.

He said that “if members of the Congressional Black Caucus would object if there were, let’s say a Congressional Irish Caucus that wouldn’t let them in, then I think that would be hypocrisy and it would in fact be racist.”

In the same interview, Carson described a level of “paternalism” he says is found within modern racism, suggesting that many individuals “believe that certain people can’t do things and that you must do them for them.”

At an institutional level, that description resembles the basis for our current entitlement society. At its core, the constant push to enroll minorities in government handout programs is far more racist than anything the average conservative supports.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: JSmith Photo (Creative Commons)

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