Congressional Bill Seeks To Ban Body Armor

Photo credit: Andrew Feinberg (Flickr)

Representative Mike Honda (D-CA) has introduced a bill that would ban enhanced body armor for civilians.

Just who would be allowed to purchase enhanced body armor? The State. According to Representative Honda:

This bill will keep military body armor out of the wrong hands. It would ensure that only law enforcement, firefighters and other first responders would be able to access enhanced body armor.

What is enhanced body armor? Again, according to Representative Honda:

We’re not talking about just a standard bullet-proof vest. We’re talking about body armor that is designed for warfare, designed to protect against law enforcement ammunitions.

In other words, this bill is designed to keep all new, purely defensive, enhanced body armor out of everyone but the State’s hands in order to ensure that the State’s officials (i.e. the police, military, etc.) keep their already enormous advantage over civilians in combat. Of course, it is supposedly designed only to protect against criminals; but it bans enhanced body armor purchases for all civilians.

What do you think? Should purchasing such body armor be done away with for all but the cops and military? Or is this another example of the government trampling on civilian rights while protecting their own?

Photo credit: Andrew Feinberg (Flickr)


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  1. Wiseoldlady says:

    I think this guy is THE criminal. If he thinks his employed/ elected position makes himself superior to me or most good Americans he needs a brain transplant. He is NOT privileged…it is a fact…most in politics are the criminals…they should be banned from body armor yet given good prison sentences. How's that for true fact mister. Take your bill and eat it. How dare you….just who were the lunatics that voted for him.

    • John Robel says:

      Subjugation, the goal of the elitists. Take our guns away along with any means of self defense, make us dependent on the government, and the constitution be damned! I believe any politician that swears "to uphold, defend and protect the constitution", and goes out of their way to destroy the bill of rights, is guilty of espionage and treason. All democrats as well as many republicans are GUILTY!! And should be subjected to the traditional penalties.

  2. I Think this guy and senator Yee are buddies. Who elects these idiots? Give this guy ocrapa care and social security like the rest of us. He’ll change his mind.

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