Congress Should Inquire into Obama’s Impeachment

Tom Tancredo,

Barack Obama is indeed succeeding in his plans to “transform America,” but not in the way voters expected on Election Day in 2008. The number of the president’s actions that arguably qualify as impeachable offenses is staggering.

The question before the country is what to do about it.

True, Obama faces the voters in 14 months, and that will be seen by many as a reason to avoid the turmoil of an impeachment proceeding. But one process has nothing to do with the other. Elections proceed on an established calendar, but if he has committed acts that warrant removal by way of impeachment, that process should proceed independent of the election calendar. While impeachment must never be used to override an election victory, neither should the prospects of electoral defeat be used as an argument to avoid impeachment.

Obama has demonstrated contempt for the Constitution and is increasingly resorting to rule by decree. He is recognized by a growing number of Americans as a danger to the republic – certainly a danger to our liberties and also a serious threat to our national security.

It is time for the House of Representatives to take its constitutional responsibility seriously and launch an impeachment investigation. The investigative committee should hold hearings, collect and weigh the evidence, and then present its findings to the Congress and the nation.

Has Obama committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” that warrant impeachment and removal? There is much evidence that says, yes, he has.

mpeachment of the president is justified on constitutional grounds if any of the following 12 questions is answered in the affirmative:

  • Did President Obama have personal knowledge of the illegal “Fast and Furious” project run by ATF and approved by top officials in the Department of Justice, a plan to sell over 2,000 guns to Mexican drug cartels, weapons now linked to numerous crimes on both sides of the border including the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry?
  • Did the president have knowledge of the ongoing effort by Attorney General Eric Holder and other Justice Department officials to cover up the true purpose and scope of that ill-conceived, illegal project?
  • Did the president direct his appointees on the National Labor Relations Board to bring a lawsuit against Boeing as a political payoff to organized labor?
  • Did the president act contrary to the advice and pleas of his own CIA director, four previous intelligence agency heads of both parties and numerous experts on covert operations when, on April 16, 2009, he made public four internal Justice Department memos on terrorist interrogation techniques, thereby deliberately emasculating our anti-terrorist intelligence operations and endangering the lives of many intelligence agents?
  • Did the president have knowledge of a plan by the Department of Homeland Security, ordered by Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano and the deputy commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, David Aguilar, to distort and falsify the Border Patrol’s southwest border illegal-alien apprehension numbers by means of a deliberate, planned undercount – for the purpose of misleading the public and Congress about the true (abysmal) state of border security?
  • By choosing not to secure the border against unlawful entry, has the president willfully disregarded his clear duty under Article IV, Section 4, of the Constitution to protect the states from foreign invasion? Did the president admit this in a candid exchange with Sen. Jon Kyl, telling him the reason he was not stopping the cross-border human trafficking was to force Republicans in Congress to strike a deal for amnesty legislation?
  • Is the president showing contempt for the Constitution, the separation of powers and the rule of law by ordering an “administrative amnesty” for millions of illegal aliens through the implementation of the John Morton memo of June 2011?
  • Has the president demonstrated contempt for the Constitution and violated the separation of powers by issuing numerous executive orders and agency rules that have no basis in statute and often contradict congressional votes against such actions?
  • Did the president authorize Labor Secretary Hilda Solis to violate current federal laws against aiding and abetting illegal aliens by signing agreements with foreign countries and pledging to protect and fund educational efforts to inform illegal aliens of their workplace “rights”? Also did these “agreements” she signed with foreign countries violate Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution which clearly establishes the manner in which treaties are to be undertaken and ratified?
  • Did the president violate his oath of office when he instructed the Department of Justice not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in federal courts? Does the Constitution permit the person designated by Article II, Section 1, as holding the “executive power” of government to decide unilaterally to not enforce a law he disagrees with?
  • Did the president authorize or approve the offer of a federal job to Rep. Joe Sestek if he would withdraw from the 2010 Democratic primary race for U.S. senator in Pennsylvania?
  • Did the president violate the War Powers Act by conducting military operations in Libya beyond the 60-day limitation?

If the president is not guilty of any of these crimes, then a thorough investigation by a House committee with subpoena power will clear the air. If he is guilty, then….

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  1. Tom Tancrado is right! We have been calling for his impeachment for over a year and the congress does nothing but make excuses for him! He is destroying this country but the Washington elites do nothing! Guess they want to make as much money as they can before the next election and they get kicked out! They better not think that they are safe from getting the boot, but they had better think again! We are watching them and what they do, or don't do!

  2. ENOUGH WITH IMPEACHMENT! It's too late for that and it will NEVER HAPPEN! Let us focus on who can oust the SOB in 2012. Once someone with wisdom and a true love of America and its people take the helm to restore our once great country, INVESTIGATE HIS ASS TO NO END along with all those who have shielded him and put them ALL in prison.

  3. Marilyn McCoy says:

    I agree, with so many here…He should have been impeached a long time ago yet, as others have said, "It's not going to happen." We need to now work together to see that this SOB, is not in the White House next election..Look America doesn't need someone in power who doesn't love her as much as we do…Who doesn't want whats best for the country and all of her people in it….Allow Obama to remain in the White House and our America as we all know and love her will cease to be …

  4. Marilyn McCoy says:

    So many are blinded by the fact that he keeps promissing to help the down and trodden and yet, Hello any body awake out there? Where has he helped them? Oh yes, he has made it to where companies are going bankrupt and people once with jobs find themselves homeless and without work…He is not going to help anyone but himself and his agenda…And that is to destroy all that is America and our way of life…IF, he can be impeached then I say go for it….But if, he could why hasn't it been done as of yet? Why is he being allowed to go on and tear her down? He talks about the taxing of big businesses to help spread the wealth…What he is really saying is this, "I will tax the big businesses until they close their doors and put more and more people out of work and it will be my pockets I am lining with the taxing of these businesses to pay for my wife clothing and all the vacations we love to take.

  5. Marilyn McCoy says:

    But, go right on ahead you ignorant down trodden and keep believing that I am in this to help anyone but, me." It is the big businesses that put Americans to work and helps to improve our economy….I will get off my hobby horse now but, WAKE UP AMERICA and smell the Bull he is feeding all of America some are smart enough to see his end game and some are blinded by their belief that Obama is the modern day version of Robinhood….Only difference here is…..He taking from all and not giving back….

  6. We Have A Foreign Born Terrorist As An Illegal President In “”Our”” White House Who Is A Walking And Back-Stabing Lying-Ass Piece Of Muslim SHIT Whose Kenyan Born Name Is BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II….Islam Is Incompatible With The U.S. Constitution, Christianity, And Judaism!!!

  7. When Barack Obama Proclaimed That He Would Not Enforce Our Nation’s Immigration Laws, It’s Not Just A Simple Dereliction Of Duty ~ His Refusal To Enforce The Law Is An Impeachable Usurpation Of Congressional Power And Authority!!!

  8. As The Illegal Alien Invasion Continues To Economically, Linguistically (press 1 for English), And Culturally Bankrupt The U.S.A., Black People Who Get It Are Taking A Stand While The Likes Of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, And The NAACP Look For The Next Duke LaCrosse Ambulance Chase!!!
    Greedy Business Owners Are Replacing Blacks With Illegal Alien Workers Who Will Work For Nothing And Live 5 Families To A Home, And They Are Stealing The Black Civil Rights Struggle Issues And Making It Theirs!!!

  9. The Chicken-Shit Members Of Congress Are A To The Corruption Of The U.S. Constitution!!!
    Nixon And Watergate Conspirators Look Like Choirboys Compared To The Jokers That Populate This Administration!!!

  10. We Have A Complete Fraud Sitting In The Office Of The President, Clearly The Most Corrupt, Inexperienced, And Ignorant President In The History Of The U.S.A. Who’s Only Quality Is That He Can Lie Like Hell With A Straight Face!!!

  11. I’m Proud To Be One Of The 58,343,671 SMART AMERICANS Who Did Not Vote For That Back-Stabing Lying-Ass Kenyan Born Piece Of Muslim SHIT!!!

    • I’m Proud To Be One Of The 58,343,671 PATRIOTIC AMERICANS Who Voted Against The Piece Of Usurping Marxist Muslim SHIT!!!!

  12. Should be impeached before he does more damage to this once great country.

  13. shortitalian says:

    OBUMMER should not be in the White House now,this person has broken so many laws and has destoyed our economy and country.He should not be in this country,he is an illegal , muslim that does'nt believe in God,our flag,our Constitution or any of what made this country great.We will be paying for him and his family for the rest of our lives.Thank you,welfare scammers,Dumocrats,illegals and all the other fools that elected him.

  14. Anyone with a grain a sense should have taken this into consideration months ago! Right after the 2010 elections! WHAT IS THE HOLD UP? HOW MANY WILL LOSE THEIR LIVES OR BE WITHOUT BEFORE THE PLUG IS FINALLY PULLED???? WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO GET THIS MAN OUT? HE DOESN'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE RE-ELECTED! NO BUSINESS WHAT SO EVER! JUST DO IT!

  15. Brittanicus says:

    H.R. 2885
    New Bill Number for Lamar Smith's "Legal Workforce Act"

    Since Rep. Smith (R-Texas) introduced this bill early in the year (as bill number H.R. 2164), he has gotten a lot of feedback and made enough changes to decide to re-introduce the bill under a different number.


    All the basic elements that we've described in the past are still in the bill (despite huge efforts by powerful forces to water it down).

    But this bill has a wonderful addition.

    The bill creates an office within ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), whose sole purpose is to respond to — and investigate — state and local governmental agency complaints about businesses hiring and/or employing illegal immigrants.

    This new office is required to respond within five business days of the filing of the complaint.

    Attorneys General, prosecutors and other state and local officials who believe they see a pattern of a business employing illegal aliens will have a direct line to ICE with a guarantee of rapid response. As these complaints will be a matter of public record, failure of ICE to obey the law will provide direct evidence for congressional hearings into Administration misfeasance.

    Fortunately, another office of this type that has been operating as a complaint desk on another immigration matter has a reported high degree of compliance by the feds and satisfaction by state and local officials.

    Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Major forces have attempted to get him to keep postponing the moving of this bill. We had campaigned hard to get a vote in committee before the August recess. We are ecstatic that Chairman Smith has made this bill such a priority and are moving this so soon after Labor Day.

    Capitol Switchboard

    Go to the Heritage Foundation website, NumbersUSA or Judicial Watch and read for the dollar figures that will turn your stomach sour. Discover information at American Patrol, the Liberals and Democrats want to keep concealed.


    MY EARLIER BLOGS: http://brittanicus-enoughiseno

    No Copyright. Distribute Freely.

  16. If we are to stop the Relentless march to Marxism and a complete dictatorship headed by obuma and his leftist Revolutionaries, Congress must Impeach now. We cannot afford to give obuma even one more Day. We must act now.

  17. All of this talk of impeachment, yet no onr with the cajones to do anything.

  18. C'MON FOLKS, wake up, Tom knows better, so shame on him for making the same mistake you all are –namely, you CAN'T impeach an illegal imposter, fraud, usurper, criminal, terrorist, etc, etc!! ONLY a REAL president can be Impeached, now get off the impeach nonsense, it ain't gonna happen!!
    ARREST is the proper step in the removal of this garbage bag and we're already 2 1/2 yrs too late!!
    Their mistake is refusing to admit he's an illegal imposter and fraud; it makes them look really stupid!! MOST of what they have done and NOT done has been stupid!! What else is new??

    • Beverly Arnold says:

      Sheriff Joe, Please come to our aid and arrest the imposter in the whitehouse Please take him away and place him securely in Tent City. We would love to have him in our jail system. Please bring along all of his cronies. Always room for more criminals in tent city.

      I love you Joe. You're the one who can do it.

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