Congress Is Full Of Crooks Because Our Pulpits Are Full Of Cowards!

Cross SC Congress is Full of Crooks Because Our Pulpits are Full of Cowards!

While visiting Montana, I ran across a church sign that said this: “Congress is full of crooks because our pulpits are full of cowards.”

My immediate reaction was to, as the kids say, LMFAO. And then I said, “Amen!”

I got to visit with the elders of that church, and they explained that this particular message had not been terribly well-received by the pastors of the other, local churches. A few of these pastors were worried that the sign had been made with them in mind, specifically. My reaction to that was, well if the shoe fits, buddy.

American Christians have been taught since the middle of the 19th Century, with the rise of Dispensationalism, that the church founded by the Lord Jesus can count on increasing defeat around the world in time and history. This expectation of the progressive worsening of all things caused the bulk of them to withdraw from “secular” pursuits like political involvement.

Recent, popular Bible teachers have said things like, “You don’t polish brass on a sinking ship!” And, “All you’re doing is making a better world for people to go to hell from!”

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Photo Credit: John H. Wright (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    All churches know how to stick up for illegal aliens and are afraid to say anything against the Obutthole regime for fear of being taxed.

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