Conflict Resolution 101, Obama-Style

Obama Appeaser Enemies SC Conflict Resolution 101, Obama Style

Accommodating is the preferred style of conflict resolution often used by the Obama Administration to resolve a crisis on the diplomatic stage. Today’s Democrats are too willing to put the needs of terrorists before this country, our allies, or any other democracies. In fact, the only people they see as enemies are American conservatives. Obama will surrender victory in order to maintain peace with people whose only goal is to wipe America off the face of the earth. This White House refuses to do or say anything that might upset America’s enemies; they only want to placate them. In simple terms for the low information voter, Obama wants all Americans to surrender and beg for our lives like a poor animal begging for food, hoping the bad guy won’t kill us.

Army Manual

A new handbook for American service members being deployed to the Middle East, currently being reviewed, orders the troops to not make derogatory comments about the Taliban or pedophilia, among other Islamic things. Obama doesn’t want the American troops to insult the sensibilities. The proposed draft blames American troops’ ignorance of the region’s backwards culture as the reason for the murders of Americans and allies in Afghanistan.  No longer can American Troops think of “Afghan forces to be “basically stupid” thieves, “gutless in combat,” “profoundly dishonest” and engaged in “treasonous collusion and alliances with enemy forces.” It might hurt their feelings, so we must accommodate them. In this way, the Taliban will do a better job of accommodating Afghanis after the Americans leave.

Fort Hood

Col. Gregory Gross, a military judge, was removed from trying the Fort Hood Massacre trial (or, in conflict resolution language, “Work Place Violence”. His offence: Col. Gross violated the defendant’s sensitivities by ordering Maj. Nidal Hasan to shave his beard. The Army was forced to accommodate the shooter by firing judge Col. Gross and letting the Army Colonel know that it was not his place to enforce Army regulation. The beard issue must not have been a problem when Hasan was shooting fellow Americans yelling ‘Allahu Akbar” inside the Fort Hood processing center.

Catering to radicals must be a Democrat trait since the time of Jimmy Carter. The Obama administration has a cozy relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, sending additional weapons to Egypt while they are suppressing their own people; the Brotherhood has a connection to the state department in the form of Huma Abedin. The Army firing of Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley,  under pressure from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), just begs the question: Why is this White House accommodating CAIR, and was it involved in the decision-making concerning the Army manual and the dismissal of Col Gross?

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  1. If I were a troop in the Middle East or anywhere actually I would tell our Traitor-in-Chief to stick it.

    • ^5 DITTO 5^

      Especially if I were a Commissioned Officer because I would be compelled by the Oath of Office I took to support and protect the U.S. Constitution only — i.e., I would actually be compelled to disobey the Traitor-In-Chief.

      Vietnam Veteran

  2. Until We the People remove this usurper and his cohorts from Our Whitehouse, purge Congress and the Supreme Court of the left liberal' that give aide to our enemies while tying the hands of our soldier's as they go in harm's way. We will continue to lose both the battle with the evil that lives in this world and in our midst in the form of Islamic accomidation while destroying God and God's word in our School's,churches and public places. We are a Christian Nation and Islam cannot coexist with our Value's as their intent is toeither murder us all or enslave us

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