Conference Discounts Extended To Jan. 10


With the holidays behind us, millions of patriots are now looking forward to the substantial work to be done in 2014. As part of that effort, the Western Center for Journalism is co-sponsoring next month’s Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix, Ariz.

This two-day event begins Feb. 21 and will take place in the impressive Phoenix Convention Center.

Though a limited-time early bird pricing schedule was set to expire with the new year, a one-time extension will allow those interested in attending this unique event to purchase discounted tickets. This special offer expires Jan. 10 at midnight EST, however; so act now to reserve your spot for as much as half off original prices.

An array of entertainers, politicians, and other renowned speakers are slated to share their expertise in speeches and breakout sessions touching on numerous important topics. Through these panel discussions, attendees will learn about – and be equipped to advocate for – issues including media bias, healthcare, immigration, national security, the Fair Tax, Tea Party concerns, and much more. Authors will also be available to sign copies of their work.

In addition to addresses by stars including Steven Seagal, Ted Nugent, and radio host Neal Boortz, WCJ President Floyd Brown will be on hand with information gained throughout decades spent furthering the conservative cause.

The cost of a basic registration is regularly $100; however, during the early bird extension, attendees can reserve tickets for just $50 each. Admission to a number of other events – including a luncheon roast of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and a meal sponsored by the National Rifle Association – are also deeply discounted.

A full schedule, along with accommodation information, is available online at The general theme, however, is a conservative call to action in an engaging, entertaining, and informative setting. By combining the efforts of patriots across the nation, this conference will provide the tools necessary to effect real change from Washington, D.C., all the way down to your specific community.

The time to act is now – and there’s never been a better time to reserve your tickets!

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