Communists Fear Conservative Racial Unity

Obama Communist SC Communists Fear Conservative Racial Unity

Demo-crack dealers in office and the private sector feel they’re at the threshold of breaking the traditional American identity, which ironically arose from the inter-play of her Black and White populations.

Social program-addiction, Amnesty, gay marriage, demonizing religion, and other destructive innovations have reached a high water mark not seen since the Sickening Sixties.

Obama gives this White communist agenda a Black face whose hue is a force field against criticism, let alone inquiry.

In the cultural crossfire are America’s shrinking White minority and her equally diminishing majority minority, American Blacks.

Back when these two central groups essentially were the American baseline, historic problems existed to be sure.

Resolving them took generations; but at days end, these Americans realized they had something better here than what their African and European ancestors enjoyed overseas.

There was also a shared culture and values each generation de-bugged of bias until these central groups could finally become sisters and brothers, instead of eternal ethnic antagonists.

An older friend of mine summed it up perfectly years ago. He said, “We (American Blacks and Whites) are about to be the minority.”

The illegal Latino influx, courted by amnesty-pushing Republi-con men and Demo-crack dealers, will soon wash America’s Black/White baseline away.

In its place will be a clear majority whose homeland is South of the Border, while native born Blacks and Whites who aren’t wealthy are pushed to society’s margins.

White communists, crony capitalists, and latter-day sharecroppers salivate at a majority-Brown America with Third World orientation.

Gone will be pesky patriots inspired by the Revolutionary War, Abolitionists, the War Between The States, and the 20th Century Civil Rights Movement.

In their place will be “citizens” whose creed is open borders, displacing working-class Blacks and Whites at discount rates and furthering an anti-Western imperialism as ambitious as anything pursued by the former Soviet Union.

Working and middle class Americans in the Black and White communities who cherish traditional values and a national identity resembling them had better unite.

Even non-integrationist Black and White nationalists should find common ground in the face of a Brown nationalism aimed like a gun by communists and crony capitalists.

America is a nation whose Black and White populations created something unique. The process was fraught with conflict, but the end result was a civic and religious construct the likes of which the world has never seen.

That’s what White communists and their multi-cultural army have marched against for decades. Once traditional America falls, a new age can be rammed down our throats.

My American History Month is an alternative to what’s become Black (Liberal) History Month. It’s also an alternative to Black/White antagonism the Left promotes to undermine this country.

Integrationist and even nationalist Blacks and Whites who are conservative can either unite against what White communists have in mind or can distract themselves with useless bickering.

They want Black and White traditionalists at each other’s throats so they can justify destroying the Constitution, Judeo-Christian ethics, and free markets.

Communists fear conservative racial unity among Blacks and Whites. That’s why they’ve infiltrated every institution, including two political parties, academia, and the media, to insure it doesn’t happen.

Even if some Blacks and Whites on the Right don’t like each other, is an America run by communists and staffed by once-illegal Latinos more appealing?

Happy American History Month!


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  1. Eddy Fudd says:

    Nice picture of the "illegal alien!" Think about what he, his czars and political appointments will look like after We, The People deal with them! Wait.

  2. jalina stutte says:

    You said it all. Happy American History Month to you also my friend. I have many races in my family and we are all conservative and are not fooled by the Communist and illegals plan to divide and conquer us. In the end I think we will all band together for the sake of our country.


    Hey guys! Check out Obama's Gestapo, coming to a neighborhood near you.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    For sure he fears conservative coming together that is why he uses the bully pulpit to cause friction in the republican party and guess what the republicans fall for it.Sure as God made green Apples the democraps don't breah ranks.No democrap will take his lips off Obuttholes ass.

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