Common Core For College If Obama Has His Way?

Common Core has sparked the ire of many conservatives and other concerned individuals who believe that decisions about education best belong on the local and state level rather than in the hands of the federal government. Less known is the fact that Obama hopes to apply a Common Core-like educational system to college education.

How would the federal government exercise such control over colleges and universities, so many of which are private institutions? The Obama administration knows it can exercise control because it controls the purse strings of many colleges through federal loans and other federal aid. Only a very small number of schools, such as Grove City College and Hillsdale, refuse to accept federal aid.

Obama wants to make it so that schools would receive a federal rating on several factors detailed by the Christian Post: “costs, graduation rates, how much money graduates make, and how many graduates go on to get advanced degrees.”

These factors would be judged; and then the schools would receive more aid if they meet these factors, and less if they do not.

What do you think? Should the Obama administration further increase federal control of college like they have done for K-12 with Common Core? Or should the federal government adopt a hands-off policy in this area, allowing our remarkable college education system to grow on its own, the way it has since the Founding?

Photo credit: Richard Loyal French (Flickr)

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