Public School Requires Parents To Divulge Conservative Beliefs

Photo Credit: Mennonite Church USA Archives (Creative Commons)Parents hoping to instill conservative, traditional values into their children find it increasingly difficult to compete with the leftist propaganda promulgated within too many American public schools. With the proliferation of the federally mandated curriculum known as Common Core, the battle for the next generation is only growing more desperate.

Conservatives have long been the bane of the overwhelmingly leftist educational system. Under Common Core guidelines, there have been numerous reports of traditional values being sullied while leftist causes – such as gun control and white privilege – are treated as sacred tenets of the American experience.

Furthermore, concerned parents attempting to speak out against the corrupted standards have been physically silenced by law enforcement. To many, it all adds up to a desire to give the government ultimate control over raising the next generation and shaping its worldview.

One way such a plan might move forward involves identifying which parents might present an obstacle. According to reports from Oak Forest, Ill., that process might already be in the works.

Recently, high school students in the community brought home some shocking homework. The worksheet featured 19 statements meant to be evaluated by an adult in each student’s life which, in most cases, was a parent or guardian.

Each of the questions was ideologically based with a clear intention of exposing the respondent’s personal affiliation. After marking each of the statements with which he or she agrees, the adult participant is then placed somewhere on the “political spectrum.”

Illustrating the prevailing leftist preoccupation with eradicating any expression of faith, the very first statement determines whether parents believe the “government should encourage” prayer in schools. Very few conservatives believe the government should “encourage” any religious practice; however, the false narrative of right-wingers calling for an American theocracy continues to resonate among rabid leftists.

Other statements elicited opinions on subjects such as the environment, affirmative action, healthcare, abortion, and whether “the government should make welfare recipients go to work.”

Finally, respondents are asked to identify themselves as a conservative, liberal, or unsure.

There is no reason a teacher, administrator, or government overseer would require a parent’s personal political beliefs. The fact that schools are now soliciting such information should concern all Americans.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Mennonite Church USA Archives (Creative Commons)

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  1. dewiseguy says:

    They have been doing this brain washing since the late 1950's

  2. American329 says:

    Wow I can honestly say I was never asked these questions in high school nor was my parents. I graduated in 1998. But if my child’s school asked me these questions I would cuss them a to he!!. That’s none of there business. I remember having debates in school and our teacher chose what side we were to defend. We had to research there beliefs and defend our affiliation to the best of our ability. This is stupid!!! They can teach children exactly how I said my school did. From those debates we learned what sides we agreed with without our teachers knowing what we chose.

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