Common Core Critique Leads To Father’s Arrest

Handcuffs053383 Common Core critique leads to fathers arrest

Parental outrage continues to brew concerning the disastrous public school curriculum program known as Common Core. The federal government prepared course work that is diametrically opposed to the values and ideals of traditional families and has foisted the monstrosity upon states by threatening to withhold education funding for dissenters.

One Maryland father reached his breaking point during a recent school board meeting during which Common Core was discussed. Reports show parents were only allowed to submit questions in writing and administrators hand-selected a number of those submissions to answer. When Robert Small realized he would likely not have an opportunity to voice his concerns otherwise, he stood up to address the panel directly.

After detailing a few of the issues he and other parents in the crowd have with the flawed curriculum, an 0ff-duty Baltmore police officer approached Small. In an event captured on video by another parent, the officer grabbed Small by the arm and ultimately placed him under arrest. If convicted, the concerned parent could face more than 10 years in prison and fines totaling $5,000 for one count of second-degree assault of a police officer and another charge of disturbing a school operation.

According to accounts by other parents at the meeting, Small’s frustration was well-grounded. The meeting, ostensibly a forum through which attendees could receive answers about the program, was in reality just a Common Core pep rally organized by its supporters in the school district.

While there were undoubtedly several parents quietly fuming during the meeting, Small chose to take an active role by defying the school board’s rules and making his misgivings known. Considering widespread reports of reprehensible lessons contained in the program, he was merely doing what he thought was best for his children and the next generation.

“You’re not preparing them for Harvard,” he said prior to his arrest, referring to the lax standards set forth in Common Core.

For example, math teachers are instructed not to require correct equations under the guidelines while English programs are designed to expose students to fringe writers rather than classic works of literature.

More upsetting to many parents is the emphasis on social reformation. Common Core-supported textbooks have whitewashed the Constitutional right to bear arms and expose young students to unacceptably explicit sexual content.

Small bravely stood up to the powers that be in his effort to secure an appropriate education for the young people in his community. In return, he is now facing serious criminal charges.

Leftists will go to surprising lengths to maintain control and silence opposition, especially when it concerns their stranglehold on public education. When cherry-picking friendly questions during a school board meeting is insufficient, the use (or misuse) of local law enforcement is always a convincing deterrent.


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