Comedian Shreds The Left’s Argument For Reparations

During a recent segment for Real Clear Politics, author and comedian Adam Carolla discussed what he considers the fallacy of distributing money to blacks in America as a way to make up for slavery in the nation’s past. Specifically, he responded to Vox writer Matt Yglesias’ assertion that the Federal Reserve should “print $55 billion a month for 25 months and divide the proceeds evenly among every African-American.”

Carolla wondered how such a program, which would result in each black American receiving just over $33,000 in free money, would help in the long run.

“I’m not a big fan of handing people things and thinking that’s going to work,” he said. “This notion that we’re going to make things right by taking money from people who have money and giving it to people that don’t have as much money is f—king insane.”

That opinion, he added, is not limited to how it affects any particular racial group or minority. He explained that, instead of handing out more entitlements, any potentially underprivileged community would benefit far more from legitimate infrastructural and societal advancements.

“If you want to talk about focusing on education, focusing on family, and focusing on things that can actually help people – whatever your skin color is – who are in a position that’s disadvantaged,” he said, “I’m all for it.”

Carolla noted that if handouts could be effective, he’d be an enthusiastic supporter.

“I would be all for reparations if somebody said, ‘We’re going to give every African-American in the United States $33,000 and, poof, all of the problems in the African-American community will go away,” he said.

The segment ended with Carolla explaining why he believes, contrary to some predictions, racism did not disappear upon the election of the first black president.

He said “race-baiters” in America “went ‘Oh my god, we’ve elected the first black president in the United States. Maybe race and maybe the racist nation – we’ve been banging the drum about what a racist nation we live in – maybe we’re not as racist as we thought we were or we had been saying we were. We really need to focus our efforts and double down now in order to keep this thing alive.”

Photo credit: Facebook Adam Carolla

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