Comedian Made STUNNING 2016 Presidential Prediction 8 Years Ago That’s Catching Everyone’s Attention

While Donald Trump’s rise to political prominence in the GOP might baffle some, at least one individual was predicting this phenomenon as far back as 2008.

On the Adam Carolla Show, comedian and host Carolla made this prediction while discussing the billionaire and poking fun at some aspects of his private life.

“He’s going to be president in eight years, you understand that everybody? You understand Donald Trump is going to be president? He will be president one day, it will be in our lifetime,” said Carolla.

Asked whether Trump would still be with his current wife Melania, Carolla jokingly responded, “No, no, no, no, because she will have seen her 38th birthday. There will be uh … I think they’re harvesting Eva Gabor’s eggs right now as we speak to make a new classy chick from ‘Classilvania’ for Trump to marry as his fifth wife.”

The comedian continued his predictions with a much more facetious tone, seeming to imitate Trump’s brash and sometimes simple way of speaking.

In regards to his children, Carolla noted that they would most likely be members of his cabinet. “The ‘Secretary of Class,’ that’s what you’ll be, Ivanka. Ivanka, you will be the ‘Secretary of Does Not Suck and Class.’”

Referring to Trump’s son, Carolla suggested he might be nominated “Chancellor in Charge of Losers,” where he would watch over all the “losers” in America to make them winners.

“[The son] he’s terrific. That’s why I’ll make him the ‘Chancellor in Charge of Losers.’ He will have to look over the losers as a terrific child.”

While some people mind find this sort of thing offensive, it is important to note that Adam Carolla is a comedian and was most likely making these jokes in good fun.

You can listen to the entire segment below.

h/t: Young Conservatives

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