Comedian Goes On Awesome Epic Rant About Media’s Obsession With Race

The assertion that all whites are inherently privileged has become a common refrain among the race-obsessed leftists in the media. This allegation is compounded by the existing contention that Caucasians as a whole are generally prejudiced against minorities.

While some feel responding to such unfounded criticism is hardly worth the effort, comedian Adam Carolla devoted a segment of his popular podcast to precisely that mission. He used recent examples of his own interaction with leftist media outlets NPR and Salon to make his point.

First, he said that during an appearance on government-funded National Public Radio, the host attempted to portray him as insensitive to Asians by playing an audio clip presented as Carolla’s voice.

“I said, ‘Well, I appreciate you trying to ambush me, but that wasn’t me. That’s Jo Koy, who happens to be Asian,’” Carolla recalled. “The guy muttered, he went ‘Well, that helps.’”

He then recalled an interaction with a Salon writer who harped on the issue of race during an interview.

“They just sort of bait you,” Carolla noted. “They go, ‘So you’re white and you’re male and you’re doing comedy. Do you feel an obligation to bring up more females, Hispanics and blacks into the comedy world?’”

Carolla dismissed such race-based considerations.

“I like to help out people I think are funny – regardless of what color their skin is and what their heritage is,” he concluded.

He then exposed the apparent hypocrisy of those who claim to protect minorities from racism while imposing their own bigotry upon whites.

“Every article I get by the people that don’t judge go, ‘He’s white. He’s heterosexual. He’s rich.’ Oh, so are you making assumptions?” he asked. “It’s incredible that you’re doing a finger-pointing thing about you and your stereotypes but you’re always working in the ‘white male’ part.”

As for the notion of white privilege, Carolla explained his personal experience included no such thing.

“I’m your worst nightmare,” he said, “because I’m the guy whose mom was on welfare. I’m the guy who got the free lunch meals over at the school. I’m the guy who got the government cheese. I’m the guy who picked up garbage on the construction sites. And I’m the guy who was told, ‘You can’t be an L.A. fireman because you’re a white male.’”

Even when he transitioned into comedy, he said he received no favors based on skin color.

“When it came to comedy, it wasn’t like, ‘Ooh, white guy, come up to the front of the line,’” he said. “No, everyone went up to the open mic. Whoever got there first got there first. That was it – whatever color, whatever stripe you were.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Adam Carolla

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Great job Adam, show these race baiters that they are not your master, show them that they are just master baiters.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Adam handled that perfectly when you can turn the interviewer into the racist is great.

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