College Faculty Halts Construction, Calls Signs Sexist

Construction Signs SC College faculty halts construction, calls signs sexist

Leftism flows freely on the campuses of American universities, though occasional idiocy rises to a level I feel warrants exposure.

Such a case recently surfaced near a community college campus in Ohio.

As construction workers performed their integral service, one female employee was reportedly outraged at the “Men Working” signs erected at the work site’s perimeters.

The staff member’s tantrum apparently forced crews to halt the project until the offending signs are removed and replaced with a more inclusive and politically correct alternative.
Though conceding the incident might have gotten out of hand, a school spokesperson touted the school’s “deep commitment to diversity.”

The source went on to admit “it might not have been necessary to suggest that work be stopped,” but explained the school “stands by its commitment to providing an environment that is inclusive and non-discriminatory.”

This bloviator genuinely contends a “Men Working” sign is discriminatory. More than anything, I believe this case proves how incredibly rare actual instances of discrimination are in today’s America.

Why would people try so hard to drum up outrage over a non-issue such as a construction sign if there was anything else about which they could complain?

In reality, I guess I should be thankful these lunatics were only offended by the first word on the sign. Considering the current age of government dependence, I’ve got to imagine a large number of Americans consider the word “working” a pejorative.

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  1. PSUTOPGUN says:

    The left is nuts!!!!!!!!!

  2. disgusted says:

    Like the idiotic atheists, and perverts with their same sex marriage crap, these “feminists” or whatever they are called these days, they are bored out of their tiny little minds. They don’t have anything else to do but scream and bellow about how “badly” they are treated, because they resent being women, and I beleive this to be the case, so they start trouble whenever, and where ever they can to make their boring lives more interesting, and to get the attention they so desperately crave! I watch a show on tv, Castle, where there is a black woman in charge, and she demanded that she be called “Sir”, instead of “ma’m”. I guess being called “sir” makes her feel more like a man, The Man she is trying so hard to be, and since she doesn’t have the “equipment” of a man, she will go to any lengths to feel like A MAN! How “manly” of her!!! Ain’t she special! No wonder a MAN is so hard to find these days, for women who want a MAN, instead of one of these feminine type ballless wonders who masquerade as one of the male species! Most men these days have been emasculated so badly that it is surprising that they have the sperm count enough to father a child!
    And these equal rights females, dykes, have ruined it for those women, like myself, who if looking for a man, a MAN, we’d be hard put indeed, to even find a half “man”, or should I say “….an”…….? I never wanted to be the sole provider of my family, but it has turned out that way, and it pisses me off that because of those females who want to be the “MAN” of the family, I have to be the man of the family too. Hell, if you dykes want to be men, go have the surgery and BE ONE! Leave the FEMININE types alone! We happen to like being the WOMEN that we are! And we WANT MEN, not “……EN”! Dykes, that is the only fitting word for the women, ?????women?????? of today!

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