College, DA Allows Man To Expose Himself To Young Girls

Transgender smaller College, DA allows man to expose Himself to young girls

Call me crazy—it wouldn’t be the first time—but I believe God created man and woman as two distinct sexes and when we begin dissecting his plan, things get confusing in a hurry.

For instance, a judge in Massachusetts recently ruled a sexually confused murderer should receive a taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery while serving a life sentence.

As disturbing as that should be to any responsible citizen, the transgender trend has other, more upsetting implications.

A 45-year-old college student in Washington represents a prime example of how inappropriate the inclusionary worldview of the left can become. The man has decided he wants to be a woman and makes his way around campus in feminine attire. Though unorthodox, he certainly has the right to dress as he so chooses.

This story takes an especially ugly turn, though, when he frequently enters a women’s locker room shared by the college, a community high school and swimming club.

The man—aside from his clothing, he is still a man in every anatomical sense —walks around naked, exposing himself to anyone in his vicinity. That group includes girls as young as six years old.

A swimming coach witnessed the exhibition and forced the man to leave before calling the police. Upon learning the man was transgendered, the coach actually apologized for her initial reaction!

It is never acceptable to subject first-grade girls to a grown man’s genitals and, upon hearing about this incident, I shudder to think of ways pedophiles might use it to their advantage.

The mother of one of the underage girls who unfortunately caught the peep show was understandably outraged. Girls are “uncomfortable by him being in there … and are shocked by it,” she said.

To hear the exposer’s side, though, one might feel he’s the real victim, comparing his ordeal to “1959 Alabama.” He said people today “don’t call police from drinking from the wrong water fountain,” implicitly denying any difference between segregationists and parents who do not want this fool destroying their children’s innocence.

Several upset parents secured the legal services of the Alliance Defending Freedom, which contends the college can be liable for emotional damage the middle aged transvestite might inflict on the young girls.

The local district attorney, however, sided with the college and has no plans to charge the perverse nudist.
He argued that “criminal law is very vague in this area.”

I have covered the judicial system extensively as a beat reporter and I’ve always been under the impression that exposing oneself to a child is criminal—whether the suspect is wearing a wig and makeup or not!

“The idea that the college and the local district attorney will not act to protect young girls is appalling,” said the ADF spokesperson, calling the incident “the poisoned fruit of so-called non-discrimination laws and policies.”
Indeed, this defense of immorality in the name of inclusion is extremely poisonous.

The mentality of today’s leftist advocates exposing children to sex earlier and more often than ever before but denies them the proper education to treat sexuality with respect and, dare I say, prudence, is appalling.

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  1. Deviant sexual indulgences has been allowed in academia for years; and now it is even worse.
    As a student at a major university in Texas, I witnessed a professor sexually harassing a student. She changed from her usual practice of sitting at the front of the room closer to "all" professors in all of her classes… moving herself to the BACK of the room. He began walking to the back of the room to touch her on the shoulder just to let her know, she wouldn't be able to get away from him.

    When the student came forward to make a procedural formal complaint, the other professors harassed her for two years…claiming that she was the one who harassed him. I was there. I saw it.
    She reported seeing him driving by her home. She took down the license plates and reported it to the Dean. They made excuses stating she could have written it down while on campus.

    He seemed to pop up everywhere…the service station where she got her gas. He was stalking her.
    She ended up having to go to a doctor to have him give her meds just to survive the last semester. She was too far in and almost finished with her degree. Had she changed universities, she would have had to lose a large amount of her "already-earned credit."

    There was another professor I had heard about at UNT/Denton TX who would, literally, place "his junk" on the desk of women. He was reported multiple times; yet they continued to allow him to teach.

    Now this? What in the world is wrong with colleges?


  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Any man who runs around exposing his nuts to little girls or even big girls should be locked up in a room with his penis stapled to a table then given a dull knife with the doodr open set the room on fire and then he has the choice croak in the fire or become an instant girl like he claims to want to be.Why is it you don't see girls running around withtheir panties down wearing a dildo because they want to be a boy.

    • I know you have probably heard this before…but allow me to remind you, okay?

      They make them pay and pay and pay….as they should!!!!!

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        But only if they get sent to a good prison with some real bad ass dudes.Most of the times these liberal judges send them to a place to get help.It pisses me off to have some whacked out judge order that if a man wants to become a women we the taxpayers have to spring for his sex change, my solution is put the asshole in a cell and forget about him and only let Duke and Muscles visit him.

        • That is one thing about ANY jail or prison….the most hardened criminal HATES CHILD MOLESTERS.
          They will make sure they get their "just due."

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