College Creates Plenty Of Debt But Not Much Skill

Student Debt College creates plenty of debt but not much skill

Our children’s opportunities to learn based on technological advances has been more than offset by the loss of appreciation of literature and the humanities – including history, theology, philosophy and even economics. Our old friend Jon T. Barton, a classical violinist wrote an 800 page 2 volume work called “The Bible in Western Literature.” He co-authored with attorney John Whitehead a 1981 book, “Schools on Fire” – a prophetic work warning of the now deplorable and unnecessarily expensive condition of American education.

I met a young man recently with a degree in “Environmental Studies” from screwball UCal/Santa Cruz, home of the Banana Slugs. His student loan is $90,000 and he still can’t get a job. His girlfriend has a degree in Psychology and is only $60,000 in debt and can’t get a job either. In a two class society, only the wealthy and their satraps will be able to get a college education.

My Grandson’s Saudi ex-roommate at University of Alaska/Anchorage rolled out his prayer mat then went out to play. He wasn’t hungry to learn so he was happy to return home to his Ferrari’s and servants – compliments of American technology and insane energy, environmental and foreign policies. The “progressives” have created the biggest educational jerk circle in history and we all let them get away with it. History hasn’t been kind to such nations and empires. We’re intelligent enough to turn it around, but are we wise enough?

With the prevailing attitude that every kid should go to college or he’s a loser, we’ve lost much of our ability to make things, provide employment for all skill and intellectual levels and to maintain infrastructure and beauty. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are classic examples of men who eschewed college to avoid stifling their creativity or be drawn into the perverse world of political correctness. I want my grandkids to think out of their own boxes before they get destroyed by academia and debt as they set their life goals.

My old Cockney friend Leon Shaw made a part for my rare Omega Sea Master watch when Omega in NY couldn’t fix it. He also repaired Big Ben in London and dozens of ancient fancy gold embellished clocks from Brentwood after the earthquake in LA. He even rebuilt a cheap Chinese lathe and converted it to a precision auto-feed miniature parts turning lathe. He made all the stable vortex flowmeter and nozzle parts we designed and tested. He was a displaced Brit after WWII when England took a dive like the “progressives” are doing to us now. Their brain drain helped improve our once vaunted “Yankee ingenuity” – now better known as “Yangtze ingenuity” for obvious reasons.

My boys made usable kitchen spatula’s at Bakersfield’s Chipman JHS in the 1970’s. They learned to measure, cut, file, bend, forge, drill, grind, carve, polish and rivet – all needed to make a simple wood-handled aluminum spatula. We still have one and use it regularly.

Our young people of all backgrounds must be our pride and joy. Our hope and prayer for them is to creatively apply their considerable gifts and talents while growing in wisdom and grace. Who could ask for anything more?


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  1. Terry Klocke says:

    Gerald: Hint: You don't need an apostrophe for a plural, only if it is the possessive or a contraction.

  2. Terry Klocke says:

    Sorry, forgot to post that I think your story is spot on!

  3. Linda A. From NY says:

    These young people graduating from colleges with all sorts of impressive degrees and diplomas can’t find work, now they have a huge debt which they can’t pay back. But wait, are not these the same young people who voted for obama? Obama had the support of many young people. So much for going FORWARD, as long as obama is our leader, there will be more people without jobs, degrees or no degrees.

    We all know hear that with obama as our leader, we the people will lose, I wish these young people would have realize that before many of them supported him, there is an old saying you reap what you sow.

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