College Charges Returning Soldier Higher, Out-of-state Tuition Rate

AP06122907796 College charges returning soldier higher, out of state tuition rate

Brian Stone took four years off from college to do the most selfless thing a career-minded young man could do: he joined the military.

Following his years in the U.S. Navy, Stone naturally re-enrolled in the University of Michigan. Upon receiving a large, unexpected statement from college creditors, he realized the school felt he no longer met the requirements for in-state tuition.
Stone said he “got a letter in the mail saying that due to my overseas service that I may be considered an out-of-state resident,” adding he “had a $6,000 bill that was left for me.”

In the wake of such an anti-military policy coming to light, Stone said a large portion of the veterans enrolled in the university have decided to study elsewhere.
The sophomore paid the higher tuition for four months before university officials decided to reinstate his prior rate. Through the school’s Student Veterans Association, of which he is a member, Stone is asking the university to change its policy when it comes to veterans.

Additionally, he has been circulating a petition that, in part, includes the account of a Marine Corps veteran in a similar situation and another student told to divorce her out-of-state husband to qualify for lower tuition.

Time will tell if the university will think better of its shortsighted policy, but in the meantime Stone isn’t holding back in his criticism. The rule is “outrageous,” his petitions claims. “Do they think Iraq and Afghanistan are military VACATION HOMES?” [Emphais in original.]

It’s unfortunate a veteran, who should receive every courtesy from his school in light of his voluntary sacrifice, is reduced to starting a petition to help administrators see what should have been apparent in the first place.

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  1. Doing as obama bin laden is doing. Destroy the morale of the U.S. Military, so they will have no qualms about taking to the streets of The U.S., and slaughtering Americans.

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Give illegal aliens free education but OVER CHARGE our veterans.
    That's the oblameo way.

  3. Yeah, its a real shame when they charge our military for EVERY STINKING THING but they can give away free cell phones and all the other shi* TO THE LAZY AND ILLEAGLE! IT JUST PISSES ME OFF TO NO EXTENT!

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