Colin Powell’s Command Performance

Colin Powell SC Colin Powells Command Performance

Colin Powell is a Rockefeller Republican and American hero whose race pride and moderate liberalism caused him to support Obama twice.

His recent appearance on the O’Reilly Factor was the latest installment of a two-term command performance for Obama.

As a Jim Crow vintage American Black, he sees Obama in the same Messianic haze as the rest of his, my, and the succeeding generation.

Older American Blacks erroneously feel Obama justifies every injustice they’ve experienced. This misapplication of the old school concept of race pride has been tragic to behold.

Obama’s big government policies resonate with the shrinking Rockefeller brand, which puts it at odds with today’s more fiscally conservative GOP (despite George W. Bush’s big spending).

Powell is what most Black Republicans once were: social liberals and moderates who thought the welfare state need a steady hand, as opposed to Democrat free wheeling.

They felt big government just needed the right management team, not reduction. They saw themselves as its careful stewards.

That perspective is at odds with current Republican thinking of any color.

Some speculate Powell is using Obama as revenge for mistreatment at the hands of the second Bush administration regarding his tenure as Secretary of State and his UN weapons of mass destruction presentation.


As an American Black, I know only too well the mania his generation feels while supporting Obama at all costs.

They dangerously equate him as some secular equivalent to Jesus and declare Black opposition as civic sacrilege.

Given Colin Powell’s stellar military, White House, and foreign policy credentials, I hoped he didn’t see himself as a surly slave needing Obama as payback against his oppressors.

That seems a hope in vain.

If we’re brutally honest, Powell’s candid Obamaism merely articulates where many Rockefeller and even conservative Republicans who are Black stand on Obama.

They just won’t openly admit it.

Attacking the GOP as racist, while supporting a president who ignores growing Black suffering under his watch, is hypocritical.

Colin Powell’s command performance on Obama’s behalf shows just how badly American Blacks of his generation and others feel about America.

I understand his command performance because I see it daily in Black culture. Sadly, there is no pause button nor curtain call to halt this spectacle.


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  1. Change of Pace says:

    What I see in Colin Powell at this point, is a crying shame racist: “He be black and I be black–that all that mattuh. He get my vote!”

  2. Colin Powell was someone I had admired for a long time. Sadly, I can no longer say that. It's very sad to see this once honorable military man sink to the level of supporting a man who's only objective is to ruin America. I feel the same way about all those women who were all gaga over Pe-lousy when she was elected. All they could say was, "She's a woman, she's a woman! Well, wouldn't it have been nice if it was a woman we could have pointed out as an example for what we'd like our daughters to be like. Sadly, she's a poor example for anyone's daughter. No honor in any of them any more.

  3. e1313ruth says:

    Speaking of prejudiced….How manly blacks have backed Obama because of skin color….

  4. disgusted says:

    @Cap Black, it is too bad that more BLACK AMERICANS, as you say you are, do not SEE THEMSELVES AS SUCH! This is why there is so much hatred of this race of miscreants. I am truly sorry to feel the way I do about these people, who refer to themselves as “african american”! If this be the case, then all those who view themselves as AFRICAN need to take their AFRICAN selves to AFRICA, and live there, among the people they choose to be as! Colin Powell was once someone I deeply and greatly respected and admired. This is no longer the case, he has lowered himself to the lower than low standards of so many of his race. So much so that he now has the disgust and even worse of many Americans who once truly loved him, and what he once stood for, that being America, and pride in BEING AN AMERICAN! He has lowered himself to the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, The Idiot, Jamie Foxx, and other such anti American “blacks” who hate we white people, for no other reason than that we are white. And because of what was the life styles of our ancestors, slavery, which we had nothing to do with whatsoever. Until the real Black people of this country realize that they are bringing about their own destruction, and again SELLING themselves back INTO A SLAVERY that they SUPPOSEDLY DESPISE, this country will be as divided as it was before, during and after the Civil War……….and they will most certianly bring about another Civil War, or another American Revolution, which will only bring on more of their own destruction! It is not we white people who are murdering these “black” folks daily, in vast numbers, but they, themselves who murder one another for no reason at all, other than because THEY CAN! And they CAN GET BY WITH IT! We have not enslaved them, they have SOLD THEMSELVES RIGHT BACK INTO SLAVERY BY ALLOWING THIS ILLEGAL THING IN OFFICE TO BUY THEM, AND THEIR VERY SOULS! Anyone, and almost everyone should know that NOTHING IS EVER FREE, NOT EVER TRULY FREE, because everything COMES AT A COST, EVEN “free stuff”, and those so called “obamabucks” which are so HIGHLY REGARDED BY THE LAZY “african” takers who have their hands out……… day, sooner than they think, shackles will once again be slapped pn those wrists, and their lives will no longer belong to them, because this LIAR IN OFFICE MEANS TO DESTROY THEM, AS WELL AS THE REST OF US, WHITES, BLACKS, YELLOW, RED, and ANY OTHER COLOR OF SKIN IN THIS COUNTRY! This “free stuff” is the DRUG THAT WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE THEIR SOULS OWNED BY THE “government and it’s free stuff”! Until this LIAR, ILLEGAL THING came into the public eye, and promised more than he ever intended to deliver on, this racial problem that has since become more than a little problem, was not the huge, enormous split that is is now. THIS, this DIVIDE WAS EXACTLY WHAT THIS SON OF SATAN HAD IN MIND, his SOLE INTENT WAS TO DO EXACTLY WHAT HE HAS DONE………….TO SET THE BLACK POPULATION AGAINST THE WHITE ONCE AGAIN AND HE HAS DONE IT WITH A VENGENCE! He has turned us against one another, and until, and UNLESS the “black” takers and fools wake up and realize this, he will have done just exactly what his evil mind most desired, the destruction of our nation, and ALL HER PEOPLE, black and whites especially! If the Black people truly beleive that this EVIL BEING means to help them, they are dead wrong. He does not care about a single one of them, no more than he cares about anyone BUT HIMSELF! The black people are used, they are only the pawns, PAWNS in his bigger scheme of things. “the boyz in the hood better wake up, and fast!”

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I agree with you about Colon Powell I also had repect for him and actually would have wanted to see him be the first black republican president.Thank God that never happened because he would have turned into the socialist liberal he is today.Your right about Samule L Jackson hating white but if the igger thought about it it's the whites who go see those movies and made him the rich igger he is today.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Colon Powell is just a black hack for the democrap socialist party and the NAACP.He is no MLK,have you ever wondered that if MLK had a second name of Iggy,he could have been named Martin Iggy Luther King MILK

    • disgusted says:

      Edward, Good one! Iggy! I love it! I do wish though, that more AMERICAN BLACKS, such as Cap Black here, would get a brain, or, a working brain, and realize that they are once again being used. Used, just as they were USED during the time of slavery, to make white people rich! Now they are being USED to make this HALF AND HALF PEICE OF EXCREMENT RICH, and are so stupid that none of them, including the so called “intelligent “””blacks”””” such as Powell here, can see, if this idiot who was once one of the most highly regarded Black leaders to have ever sat in such a postition of power, can’t, or won’t see what is happening to his race, then there is no hope at all for any of this race of useless creatures! I raised my sons to know this, “that when someone “gives” you something, beware of what is expected in “repayment”””, because Ed, there are ALWAYS STRINGS TO SOMETHING “freely given”! Maybe one percent does not have strings, but I know from hard and harsh experience, that MOST HAVE STRINGS ATTACHED TO THIS SO CALLED “free stuff”! Nothing, absolutely NOTHING IN THIS LIFE IS EVER TRULY FREE!!!!!!! IF Powell truly and really cared about his “people”, he’d be doing exactly what Cap Black here is doing, TELLING THEM THE TRUTH IN ALL IT”S UGLY REALITY! The problem is with these popular powerful “men and women” is that they LIE TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE, thus LEADING THEM INTO SLAVERY ONCE AGAIN! A slavery that is worse than the slavery of their ancestors! Because it will eventually drive them into chains again, and chains that are tighter, and more harmful to them than in all the years of the earlier slavery of pre Civil War! It will be the DEATH OF THEM ALL! One day, this “free stuff” will come to a harsh and abrupt end, and there will be nowhere to turn, and no one to turn to, because their “dear leader, HUSSEIN” will TURN ON THEM, just as he has TURNED ON THE REST OF US, and they will STARVE! OR WORSE! This is what I mean by a WORSE SLAVERY……….at least, their ancestors ate, and had a place to lay their heads, and NOT ALL SLAVE OWNERS WERE CRUEL! Most took care of what they owned, because they were as any “farm” implement, they needed these farm tools to do their intended jobs. To abuse your farm tools, or animals, means a loss of money, and when you abuse your farm tools, animals, you LOSE MONEY! Slave owners were not STUPID! But today, the SLAVE MASTER IN OFFICE MEANS TO DESTROY HIS “SLAVES”! And just because their skin is dark, does not mean that this SLAVE MASTER INTENDS TO CARE FOR THEM FOREVER, or even very long. He means to DESTROY THEM ALONG WITH ANY AND ALL AMERICANS, BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW, RED AND IN BETWEEN! A lady asked on another article the other day…..”are they really THAT STUPID”? meaning the “blacks”…….and my answer was YES, they are, and…….my answer is STILL………YOU BET THEY ARE JUST AS, IF NOT MORE STUPID THAN EVEN STUPID!!!!!!! Colin Powel, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx, Harry Belafonte, and many, many others prove it everytime they flap their lips, their LYING STUPID LIPS!!!!!!!

      • Edwardkoziol says:

         <DIV>My father always told me and my sister there is no such thing as a free lunch sooner or later you will have to pay.</DIV> <DIV style=”FONT: 10pt arial”>

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