Cockroaches Rated Higher Than Congress

cockroaches Cockroaches Rated Higher than Congress

Cockroaches and Colonoscopies are rated higher than Congress in the minds of average citizens according to a recent poll.  The 113th Congress is regarded little better than the 112th because “82% of Americans already disapprove.”  What’s worse, evidence is surfacing that our elected leaders actually spend about a three hour block of time on our needs, visits or concerns.  “Only 3-4 hours a day for the actual work of being a member of Congress” is an insult to Americans.  This data is from a power point presentation given to freshman Democrats who are advised by their ossified seniors to devote most of their time to fundraising.

Ezra Klein gives us this suggested daily schedule: “Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) we’re not here on Mondays;  Tuesday is Party Caucuses; Thursdays devoted to mainly the policy lunch; Fridays out of here again.” Wednesdays are an all day, into the night fundraising orgy to build up campaign chests of power hungry politicians.  Viewers of C-Span need to know that those chambers mainly are empty with only one member running his mouth; that’s why you get a close in video feed.  Did you notice how many lawmakers gave their five minutes air time at the IRS scandal hearings, then split for the doors, insulting the honest, hurting Conservatives targeted by the tax service?

The Washington Post photographer who caught John McCain playing Ipod poker at 3 pm during the critical war hearings actually caught an iconic picture of what these losers really think of America.  Our political scene is high stakes poker and we are just donkeys sitting at their DC poker table.  You can view a pitiful video of Speaker John Boehner crying over and over as he exemplifies the typical politician’s egotistical personality.
Entitled “John Boehner Again-Emotional, Sensitive, Drunk, Crying Melody;”  this youtube video needs to be brought up by its title because its web link  “no longer is available.”  It’s worth the hunt to view it.

One commentator calls out the average American voter.  He details the five points of politics as involving getting and staying in power, doing anything to achieve power, taking care of self first, then your party and donors.  The needs of we the voters come last.  “We as complacent and disconnected voters are to blame for the levels of incompetence, corruption, lying and waste.”

When Matt Drudge tweeted his thoughts about the Republican Party, he touched the pulse of this nation.  Fed up with both parties and with the Executive branch which appears unstoppable, Americans must step up to save our Country.  President Obama’s management by distraction and partisan blame are working like no other executive schemes before as the world’s only brilliant Constitutional Democracy slips away.

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