CNN Host Sees Shutdown Upside: Fewer Gun Permits

Piers Morgan SC CNN host sees shutdown upside: fewer gun permits

Expressing the same convoluted logic that has outraged conservatives since he replaced Larry King on CNN, Piers Morgan recently responded to the federal government shutdown with a sense of optimism.

The British host sees everything through the lens of gun control as he attempts to convince Americans that they should scrap the Second Amendment and live like his countrymen in Europe. Naturally, that predilection also colored his opinion on the current congressional stalemate.

During a conversation with fellow anchor Christine Romans, Morgan suggested that the U.S. will be better off because the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives will issue fewer gun permits during the shutdown.

“One of the only positives I’ve heard so far is that … gun permits may be delayed as part of all this,” he said.

A man who never misses the opportunity to malign conservatives, he blamed the shutdown on the Tea Party, which he claims “may have literally shot themselves in the foot.”

Romans reaffirmed his point, calling it an “interesting irony” before detailing the chain of events that would lead to permitting delays.

“Look,” she continued, “when you look at the Treasury Department’s list of contingencies, the Treasury runs ATF and there are gun permits that run through there.”

In typical fashion, Morgan was delighted by her narrative, calling it “excellent good news.”

Even a slight delay in the enforcement of any other constitutional right — or lesser entitlements like food stamps — is roundly and routinely denigrated by the left. Only when gun rights are attacked does the shutdown suddenly have a silver lining.

Morgan’s stale rhetoric is not only getting old for freedom-loving Americans; it has also reportedly turned off his own host network. Sources Tuesday indicated that CNN is actively seeking a replacement for the largely unwatched liberal mouthpiece.

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Photo credit: thisiscow (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    How come we can't deport Morgan back to jolly ole England? Maybe it's because he'd be jailed or shot.This man is obsessed with taking our guns away but he never wants to take the guns away from criminals only law abidng people.He might be a closet twinkie with a gun hidden in his abode.

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