CNN Cancels Hillary Clinton Film

hillary clinton food security 300x200 CNN cancels Hillary Clinton film

While Republicans expressed initial concerns regarding a proposed documentary on prospective 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, it appears Democrats were ultimately responsible for its cancellation.

According to director Charles Ferguson, over 100 individuals — including many high-profile Democrats — refused to be interviewed for the film. Clinton aides were similarly dismissive, he said, indicating she had no interest in providing any assistance in the process.

“Neither political party wanted the film made,” he confirmed, though Democrat objection to his project seemed to ultimately seal its fate.

“Part of what’s going on right now is that many, many, many people want to be in her campaign,” Ferguson noted, “they want a job in her administration, they want access to the White House, they want some specific thing that they care about; and most of the people, probably over 90 percent, are going to be disappointed.”

He called the decision to cancel his project “painful,” explaining a well-coordinated attack on the film caused more damage than he expected.

“When I approached people for interviews, I discovered that nobody — and I mean nobody — was interested in helping me make this film,” he noted.

Only two individuals with personal knowledge of Clinton would agree to an interview for the film, he said, adding his assumption that “even they would back out.”

Ferguson said he was not entirely surprised by the GOP’s disapproval of the film, which led the party to announce it would not host 2016 presidential primary debates on the network.

“What did surprise me,” he noted, was that, quietly and privately, prominent Democrats made it known to both CNN and to me that they weren’t delighted with the film either.”

Calling the push to halt his film a “victory for the Clintons,” Ferguson added “this is not her finest hour.”

Ultimately, he still hopes to finish the film.

“After the election, no matter if she wins or loses … it’ll be a lot easier to get access,” he predicted.

The refusal of any Clinton flacks to participate in this ostensibly friendly political documentary is as telling as anything they might have contributed to the film.

There remains a common assumption that the Clinton family is full of secrets. When a supportive filmmaker working with the leftists at CNN cannot even get access, though, one wonders exactly what they want to keep hidden.

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  1. Evearmyrtle says:

    Is this an earth shaking decision? It is one I never thought I would hear of. At last a news media turned down a liberal anti GOD, anti-America person. Are you sure about this??

  2. couldn't happen to a nicer person! She deserves NOTHING! Where are our answers on Benghazi, Hil-liar-y?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Debbie it was her camp that wanted it canceled for TV but I understand that fat pig Harpo is going to make a movie shown in theaters.

  3. I wonder if Director Charles Ferguson contacted Ambassador Stevens for an interview ? Oh, that's right…
    He's dead..

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Before this is over she'll have a documentary on all she didn't do but the media will never tell the truth about this butch lezzie and why Slick had to look elsewhere for a piece of tail even if it was molesting his friends wives.Can you imagine the truth coming out of Benghazi and her ties to the terrorists.

  5. Apparently the devotees of the Democrats whether they be BHO supporters or HRC supports must take a "Sopranos type blood oath" to be in their "family". They are all intertwined, keep secrets, & mysteriously are able to dispose of dissenters–through a "muscling into silence", death or "media crucifixion". So it is somewhat comical that even the slavish Hollywood devotees couldn't break in to "the family" to get resource material for their sycophantic biographical fantasy event.

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