You Won’t Believe The Reason Cliven Bundy’s Grandchildren Were Just Removed From Public Schools

Cliven Bundy

Following a tense standoff with federal authorities earlier this year, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is no stranger to opposing an intrusive government. It seems that trait runs throughout his family, as recent reports indicate his son, Ryan, removed his children from public schools for what he considers undue restrictions implemented by administrators.

The incident that sparked his decision occurred last week, when the younger Bundy was informed that his daughter could not carry her pocket knife onto school property. He recalled his own childhood, during which he and other students brought knives to class without any threat to the safety of others.

Currently, however, he said a few isolated attacks have created a system in which all children are treated as a security threat.

“When we make a rule that affects the whole based on the actions of the few,” he said, “that’s communism.”

As for Virgin Valley High School Principal Cliff Hughes, the policy is in place to protect students, noting that possession of a knife is in no way a necessity in his school.

“If I allow one student to carry a knife, I have to allow 40,” he said.

While Ryan Bundy acknowledges his daughter does not need a knife, he asserted that “there is no crime in having something.”

Additionally, he expressed concern over the perceived loss of privacy in administrators’ ability to search student lockers. The public school system’s increasingly restrictive nature reflects a “communistic mentality” among education officials.

As a result, Bundy has reportedly taken his children out of the local school system. Should Hughes reconsider the pocket knife ban, he suggested that he would think about re-enrolling his kids.

He insisted that his intention was not to share the decision with the press, expressing disappointment that someone within the school allegedly leaked the information to local media.

“It’s between me, my daughter and the school,” he explained.

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  1. It might have been a private conversation in in Bundy's thinking but commies will use anything they think will aid the PC agenda…..Beware of commies bearing gifts…

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Back when I went to school boys mainly carried switchblades until the govrnment stepped in and outlawed these knives.But back then you didn't try to stab or kill someone like in todays youth do.So I understand the principals delima if you let one you have to let all.How did they know she had the pocket knife?

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