Clerk Fired For Heroic Deed

Seven Eleven SC Clerk fired for heroic deed

Convenience store clerks are at a uniquely high risk of victimization at the hands of armed robbers. In many cases, these employees are literally put in a life-or-death situation without moving from behind the counter.

When 7-Eleven clerk Edward Vaught found himself staring down the barrel of a robber’s handgun, he made the quick decision to stand up for himself and the store.

Vaught said that Christopher Munson brandished what appeared to be a gun, “pointed it right at my forehead” and “threatened … to kill me.”

As the clerk attempted to call authorities, Munson manhandled the receiver away from him. At that point, Vaught began to fight back.

“This man wants to hurt me so I need to defend myself,” he explained. When police arrived on the scene, Vaught had Munson subdued and waiting for them outside.

While he was initially heralded by the community for his quick action in the face of danger, his employer soon delivered a pink slip as reward for his deed.

Based on its “policy of non-confrontation,” the corporation said Vaught’s “dismissal was in order.”

Obviously, employers should have some guidelines barring violence in the workplace; however, terminating a clerk for potentially saving the lives of both employees and customers is incredibly shortsighted.

While a company statement contends the clerk “posed a danger to himself and a co-worker,” many rational Americans understand it was the lawless robber, not a courageous employee, who exhibited a threat that day.

At the risk of appearing overly partisan, this type of nonsense is emblematic of the left’s skewed worldview. As evidenced in their blind allegiance to draconian gun control laws, those on the radical left seemingly believe that encouraging victimhood is the most effective way to combat victimizers.


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Photo credit: Bludgeoner86 (Creative Commons)

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  1. danstewart says:

    I say don't stop at any 7/11 ever again. They want to be libturds, let them die on the vine.

  2. Ah, another company that could care less about it's employees, or customers. So, by giving Vaught a pink slip for his actions which resulted in saving his life, and any customers who may have been in the store, they prove that it would have been just dandy if he had rather chosen to take a bullet, and let their other employees and customers die, instead of the results that occured because of his making the right choice. They probably would have given Vaught a nice little write up and sang his praises, if he had been murdered, for choosing to accept his fate, rather than do what it took to try and reverse the circumstances. THAT's how much these type of companies DO NOT care about their employees or customers. They are money makers for them, plain and simple. I hope Vaught gets a good job with a company that cares about their employees and customers. To hell with the 7 Eleven types in the country.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    They probably want to get robbed so they can collect moire then what was really taken.7/11 are mostly run by towel heads

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