Class Warfare Leads To Death Threats Against Wealthy

One of the central themes of the Obama administration is the constant effort to pit successful Americans against lower earners. By casting the wealthy as a common target of rage among those stuck in poverty, leftists are able to take the focus off of their own disastrous economic policies.

Judging from the violent and destructive reaction of vandals near San Francisco recently, the mission has been a resounding success. A CBS affiliate reported from Atherton, Calif. this week that a number of individuals targeted an upscale community with a graffiti campaign that included direct threats against the lives of its wealthy residents.

Profane messages were painted on multi-million dollar homes in the neighborhood, some of which included direct references to the divisive language popular among many radical leftist leaders.

“F*** the 1%,” one vandal sprayed on the wall of a home. Fences and vehicles were also damaged in the outrageous display of class envy. The extremist movement Occupy Wall Street, which was instrumental in stoking animosity toward the wealthiest among us, is suspected by some residents to be behind this outrageous display.

In case the intention of those behind the extensive property damage was unclear, one spray painted message included the directive to “kill people.”

Local police promise to investigate the incident, though this is just one example of a prevailing mindset that has unfortunately permeated too much of American culture. At its greatest, the U.S. was home to individuals of disparate income, though those at the bottom of the scale looked to the successful as an example of what they too could achieve.

Today, however, jealousy has replaced ambition as the left has continually insisted wealthy Americans are simply greedy and should be forced to give more of their earnings to a bloated central government.

Such disingenuous arguments purposely ignore the fact that the wealthiest Americans are often the same individuals who are able to provide much-needed jobs. Taking more of their money to fund a government with a troubling reputation for misallocation, waste, and fraud would have a devastating economic impact from the top down.

These details are lost on too many who simply see the American experience as defined by the haves vs. the have-nots. As important distinctions continue to evade our current generation, similar incidents of violence are likely to spread to affluent communities across the nation.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This was what Obutthole wanted from the day he took office.He feels if he pits rich against poor then he will get what he wants.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama has made our Congress divided on purpose, Obama has made Americans divided on purpose, Obama has made our Country divided on purpose! Obama has defied the law, perverted justice, and corrupted the government. He has sapped our national spirit, desecrated our laws, and divided our people. Obama has stoked the deadly fires of jealousy and envy in the land. But no Christian can respond in kind. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely!

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