The IRS Could Literally Be Put In Handcuffs Once This Plan Goes Into Effect

I for one have had enough.  I’ve had enough of our government acting like a bunch of gangsters.  I’ve had enough of the President of the United States and his supposed attorney general condoning illegal activity.  I’ve had enough of Congress and the Judicial Branch doing nothing about it.  The liberal media accomplices won’t say it, but I sure can: “Our Dear Leader and his minions are crooks!”

I’m scared of my own government for God’s sake!  I don’t trust them, and I sure don’t think it’s right for them to have power over me when they are a bunch of criminals who won’t follow the law.  I don’t think it has really sunk in yet to the average person what is going on!  Our chief executive has been using the authoritative government agencies under his disposal to threaten, intimidate, and silence his political opposition. This is serious stuff folks! Then they have destroyed the evidence!  Then they have lied about it under oath.  I saw a poll last night that said seventy percent of the American people think this government has not told the truth about the IRS scandal.  Hard drive crash my _ss!

I for one have felt the abuse firsthand.  In late 2011, I published my first historical fiction novel, Currency, that was very critical of our out-of-control spending and described what could happen if we don’t get our act together.  I also had given heavily to conservative candidates and been intimately involved in conservative election campaigns.  Well, the IRS came knocking with an audit a few months later.  Now I know the timing was no coincidence.  This stuff is not pretty, folks!  It has real consequences!

So what can be done about it if Congress and the Judiciary will not stop this Al Capone remake from destroying the country?  What can be done if the IRS comes knocking at your door if you are a conservative person or organization?  Should we just all stop paying taxes in protest?  Until we get a house cleaning at this corrupt agency?  Well, I looked up the concept of a citizen’s arrest.  It is legal in the United States for a citizen to detain another person if the person has committed a felony.  A felony is a serious crime that would receive more than one year in prison. I think a case can be made that obstructing justice by destroying evidence of a crime committed against the entire American people rises to this standard.  So should we just detain this arrogant piece of you-know-what that sits there and gloats during Congressional hearings that no laws have been broken at his agency, and have a civilian show trial right on the lawn of the nation’s capital?  I’m sure even the liberal networks would cover that one!

In all seriousness, something needs to be done to stop these gangsters who are in positions of power in our country.  This stuff is not supposed to happen here, and we are just going to take it?  It is unacceptable!  If anyone has any better ideas, I’m open to suggestions!

Should Lois Lerner go to jail? Take this important poll!

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    Lerner reported the emails lost, and tried to have them recovered, in mid-2011 — two years before the IRS scandal broke.

    • jarhead says:

      Emails are not lost, they are deleted. Emails stay on the server not on the hard drive; being a government agency, they have 3 or more redundant or back up servers located at different site from 5 to thousands of miles away. Someone gave the order to delete the emails.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your really not serious sticking up for pig nose Lerner.with all the smart people involved incomputers they surely could havegotten them back.She is just another Obutthole toadie who couldn't keep her lips off Obumholes ass.I wonder if she kissed the white cheek orthe black cheek.

  2. past time for Obama to be impeached….and everything he has done breaking the laws of the constitution should be null and void….especially obamacare…….

  3. I'm For locking all of them up in the IRS, closing the doors and not pay any taxes! WHEN CAN WE START! This is so overdue?

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Who,would put the handcuffs on surely not that toadie Holder.He's as corrupt as they come.

  5. Arthur Jackson says:

    How about Congress, namely the freaking republican controlled house with hold funding for the IRS, EPA, Justice Department, etc…

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