Church-state Separatists Target City’s Historic Cross

Christian cross SC Church state separatists target citys historic cross

Once again, the God-haters in Americans United for the Separation of Church and State are threatening a lawsuit because their collective feelings are hurt by a religious symbol.

As if America’s landscape should be completely devoid of any evidence its citizens believe in God, the group is now targeting a cross erected in one California city more than a century ago.

Contending the 35-foot cross atop Mount Rubidoux violates the Constitution, a spokesperson for the group said the mere presence of a cross “makes people who aren’t Christians feel like they are outsiders – like they are second-class citizens.”

Residents were apparently outraged at the idea of removing such an integral and historic landmark and hundreds of them reportedly attended a recent council meeting to voice their concerns.

One individual saw the controversy as yet another attack on his beliefs.

“Anything that has to do with Jesus Christ or our Christian faith,” he said, “people are always going to have a problem.”

City officials evidently took the public comments seriously and have postponed any action on the matter until next year.

The property on which the cross stands was donated to the city in 1955 by a private owner whose only condition was that the cross remain. That requirement has since expired, though, and reports indicate the city might look into once again returning the land to private hands.

The positions advanced by groups such as AUSCS are convoluted and represent a complete distortion of the First Amendment. The placement of a cross, even on city-owned property, does not endorse Christianity; it merely reflects a community’s desire to keep a piece of its history and heritage on display.

There is absolutely nothing unconstitutional about that.

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  1. CaliFORNICA is a lost cause anyway! With the ILLEGAL population, and the HollyWEIRD crowd, there is no hope for the place in the American description of the UNITED STATES of America! They and their movie heros and slinky females who have them so confused as to what REALITY truly is, they haven’t a hope in hell of seeing reality for what it really is. The CROSS offends them because their CONCIENCES are hurting them so badly! Between the athiest, homo’s and ILLEGALS that have polluted the landscape there, CaliFORNICA is so lost that it will never be “found”! They are a DEMON CRAP RAN HELL HOLE! All they care about are themselves, and the ILLEGALS there have STOLEN from them to the point of completely ruining what was once considered the “golden state”, and that gold has now turned into dirt. Maybe the “BIG ONE” will strike them, and wash the whole place out to sea, and cleanse the United States of America of it’s grime, crime, and filth. And, take the HollyWEIRD crowd with it! Good riddence to bad luck.

  2. News flash for the God-haters in America. People in America who aren’t Christians ARE outsiders – they ARE second-class citizens!!!!

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