Christie Addresses Scandal, Fires Staffers

Photo credit: Bob Jagendorf (Creative Commons)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has faced controversy in the past; however, the most recent scandal plaguing his office is shaping up to be a defining moment in his political career. A likely presidential contender in 2016, the outspoken Republican faced reporters Thursday to address accusations that his subordinates purposely closed traffic lanes in Fort Lee to exact political payback.

After profusely apologizing for the traffic jams caused by the action, Christie assured the crowd he played no role in the incident.

He accepted responsibility, though he confirmed he had “no knowledge or involvement” in the lane closures. Additionally, he said Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly would be out of a job “because she lied” to him about the incident. Another state GOP leader, Bill Stepian, also received a pink slip Thursday, Christie confirmed.

“I can never allow personal feelings or longstanding relationships to get in the way of my doing my job,” he said upon announcing the terminations.

A number of email correspondences were released between Kelly and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey representative David Wildstein. The notes alluded to Kelly’s desire to cause “some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

Sure enough, Wildstein reportedly ordered two of the three lanes between Fort Lee and the George Washington Bridge closed a short time later.

A longtime friend of Christie, Wildstein has been subpoenaed to testify on the matter.

None of the emails directly point to the governor himself; however, he expressed his deep apologies to those affected. He answered questions for about an hour and a half Thursday, rolling back his previous assertions that the ordeal was not perpetrated by his staff and was not prompted by a political vendetta.

Admitting “abject stupidity” was behind the plot, Christie vehemently denied any beforehand knowledge of the scheme.

“Ultimately,” he said, “I am responsible for what happens under my watch.”

Christie expressed his intention to travel to Fort Lee and apologize for the “conduct of some of the people on my team.”

An ongoing investigation will seek to reveal further details of the plot, though some on the left are eager to paint Christie as a guilty conspirator already.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz declared that this scandal represents “what we’ve come to expect from Gov. Christie,” portraying him as someone who “bullies and attacks” when confronted with opposition.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: Bob Jagendorf (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    At least the fatboy canned the people who caused the trouble unlike Obutthole who gives his cronies promotions or leave with pay.Just look at the lawyer who is going to look into the IRS scandal,she donated 6,000 to the jungle bunny.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    The standard rule for handling bad news in politics is to get it all out at once, like Christie did. The worst thing to do is allow the bad news to dribble out, for days, weeks, months, years, presidential terms? This is what Obliar has done for over a decade of controversies and scandals, so far, it’s worked like a charm, because of the lying MSM and that Americans have the attention span of a baby gnat. So, why should Obtraitor change? Delay it, Derail it, Ignore it. Dismiss it. Dissemble it to death. Didn’t know about it. Point at others. Have others point at others. Have others suggest the criticism is really racial. Stay aloof. Stretch the whole thing out as long as possible. Then call every ensuing question old news, that you’ve discussed it many times, or that it is just a phony scandal. Hope the problem goes away. And it usually has for Oblivious. Based on the history of such an immoral man, we will never get the answer unless Obackstabber is water-boarded or some honest people that are not under polygraph tests come forward, like Gates, but then their lives are destroyed by Obama Chicago style politics. Just ask Ham or Roberts, who are being blackmailed. Or ask Breitbart, who was going to properly vet Obhustler before the 2012 election, and what did he get, death!
    Now we have the scenario of what will he do with the ongoing Obamacarelessjobkiller debacle and his sinking polls. Obigbrother will halt all coverage using MSM lapdogs, report only on evil Republicans and idiot Tea Party terrorists. Lie about insurance policies and doctors that wont be kept, break promises to reduce costs (to the price of a phone bill), and just lie more and more. Then, blame shift and accuse everyone of intentionally causing trouble. Now announce a new program to force youth to buy health insurance that now threats to consume him. Soros-funded operatives will help demonize the Tea Party, and revive of the War on Women, along with efforts to worsen race relations by encouraging tensions to violence and riots in the streets. Obama (after just taking another multi-million dollar vacation) will demonize the super rich on the Right. The tactics will involve the usual: accusations of racism, corporate greed, narrow self-interest to the exclusion of the poor and dispossessed, condemnations of senators and representatives accused of being corporate shills, accusations that Republicans and Tea Party individuals only want to destroy Obama because they are so filled with hate and racism, accusations the Republicans hate the poor and don’t have a plan of their own, Fox will be singled out for special treatment, and doctors will become the new whipping post as well as other players in the healthcare industry. The banner: Hope & Change is still alive, follow the Fearless Leader: do not let the criminal rich rob the poor again! The ultimate question: will the American people walk into this grisly trap again? 

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