Christians Stand Up To Atheist Bullies With Flash Mob Nativity

Christian cross SC Christians stand up to atheist bullies with flash mob nativity

Though Christmas commemorates a major event in the religion practiced by a majority of Americans, the godless left continues to target any semblance of Jesus displayed alongside other holiday decorations.

Relativists who feel all beliefs are equal view any reference to the true meaning of Christmas as exclusionary, while some have called Christmas carols a form of bullying.

A group of Christians in California, on the front lines of the War on Christmas, apparently had enough of their values undermined and traditions prohibited.

Appearing unexpectedly at an area shopping center, the “flash mob” set up a live nativity scene in response to the city’s decision to discontinue an annual display that had attracted visitors for 60 years.

With an inauspicious start, one caroler began singing traditional Christmas songs while standing near an empty manger.

Almost immediately, passersby stopped and began joining in the celebration.

As the live display continued, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and the others associated with the first Christmas began appearing.

In all, the event lasted more than six minutes and culminated with applause from bystanders and impromptu participants.

Following the performance, those involved issued a statement explaining that the flash mob’s purpose was to share the love of Christ with the community.

“What matters is that the Christmas story needs to be told,” the press release stated. “At this time of year, Christians should be able to celebrate freely, carry on the message, and not be hiding for fear of offending someone.”

A message of love, acceptance, and the selfless sacrifice of a Savior was the only motive behind this event, which was carried out respectfully and to the apparent approval of those in the vicinity.

Because of an infinitesimally small group of rabble rousers, entire cities are caving into irrational demands to halt all mention of Jesus as believers across the nation, wary of retribution, shy away from fully expressing their faith.

The left has so misconstrued the First Amendment that much of America now feels that any mention of Jesus by any public entity anywhere automatically represents government endorsing Christianity as the one true religion.

While many Americans – including me – certainly subscribe to that worldview, there is nothing preventing those with other religious beliefs to practice as they see fit.

Applying oil to the proverbial squeaky wheel, though, authorities often cave to a vocal minority of moral relativists, safe in the assumption that the silent majority of Christians will live up to our reputation and remain silent.

A group of innovative and dedicated believers in California proved that this assumption is no longer reliable.


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  1. I am from Texas. And in the small town where I live, we have our NATIVITY SCENE right on the square, on Main Street, where anyone and everyone who drives by can see it. I am PROUD of my little town of Christian people. Very proud indeed, that our town has stood firm in their right, OUR rights, to display the manger scene! There is some disagreement on the exact date and time and place, where Jesus was born, but I do not find any of this important, because at one point, 2000 years ago, JESUS WAS BORN TO A WOMAN NAMED MARY, AND THE BABY JESUS CAME TO LIVE HERE ON EARTH AN DIE FOR US, SO THAT WE MIGHT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE! The FACT that HE WAS BORN, and that HE DIED FOR OUR SINS, IS REASON ENOUGH TO CELEBRATE THIS DAY, NO MATTER WHEN OR WHERE IT HAPPENED! But, TO REMEMBER HIM AND TO NOT ALLOW THOSE WHO WANT TO TEAR DOWN OUR MANGERS AND BY DOING SO, TEAR US DOWN ALSO! Jesus did not back down in the face of all that He faced here on earth in His time, and it is up to us, as His children, to do the same! Stand for HIM as HE DIED FOR US!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!

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