Christian Useful Idiot: Mohammed Was The George Washington Of His Time

Photo credit: Hlkolaya (Creative Commons)

Some people are educated beyond their intelligence, and others are educated way beyond their intelligence. Craig Considine a  Ph.D candidate from Dublin who describes himself as a Catholic, has written an essay about how wonderful the teachings of Muhammad are (and thus proved himself part of the latter group.)

This dimwit gushes over what he has “learned” about how wonderful Mohammad was. He makes no mention of Mohammad’s “marriage” to Aisha, who was 6 years old at the time, or that ole Mo told the little girl’s father Allah had come to him in a dream saying he should be wed to the 6 year old. Naturally this fool was not told about these things that are bad, but actually nothing compared to the truth of “Allah’s” “teachings” as related by Mohammed.

It is doubtful Mister Considine did any research on the comparison of God’s love for man and Allah’s hatred for mankind. John 4:16 tells us God loves us; Mark 12:29-30 teaches us about the love of God for man and man’s love of God. But according to Ta fseer Ibn Katheer, a Qua’ranic scholar, Allah, “…created for hell many of the jinn  (devils) and the men.” Nowhere in the Hebrew or Christian Bible is there anything that says God created some men to send them to hell.

What’s more, nowhere in either Bible is there anything like the treachery, deceit, murder, and imprisonment Muslims are encouraged to inflict upon those who are not Muslims, as found in the Qua’ ran’s Verses of The Sword.

The behavior of today’s Muslims is no different than those who raced across the Middle East and Europe when they started their fifteen hundred-year war against Christianity. They carved a path across the known world, chopping off the heads of those who refused to convert to their awful brand of savagery.

Saying that Mohammad was a “universal champion of human rights” would be laughable were it not for the ugliness of the very premise. Rampaging through nations practicing conversion by the sword is the ultimate violation of human rights, no matter what this useful idiot says.

Comparing Mohammad to George Washington, Martin Luther King, or even Nelson Mandela is an outrageous cheapening of the crucial and world-changing legacies of these actual achievers.

Quick quiz: name a single Muslim built-and maintained-hospital in America; name the only major group that did NOTHING (zip, zero, nada) to help those whose homes and lives were destroyed in Super Storm Sandy.

I suggest this dunce read a newspaper or watch some TV. Not even CNN can hide the truth about Islam from even the casual viewer.

Photo credit: Hlkolaya (Creative Commons)

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