Christian Programming Is Being Blocked From Your TV Lineup

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It is difficult to flip the channels through cable – or even network – television anymore without stumbling upon vile language, graphic sexuality, and shocking acts of violence. With the entertainment market so splintered among niche networks, there is no shortage of virtually any type of programming.

For those paying attention to our nation’s protracted slide into secularism, however, it may come as no surprise that there is one notable exception: religious content. There are few faith-based options among most content providers and, as recent reports indicate, at least one company is thinning its offerings even further.

DirecTV recently announced it will drop the Inspiration Network from its lineup, leaving its stable of profane and worldly channels untouched. Incredibly, reports indicate the provider also misrepresented the development by suggesting the network initiated the split.

In reality, it appears the decision was wholly that of the provider. Perhaps the most baffling aspect of the decision lies in the fact that DirecTV did not gain anything – or save any money – by dropping the network.

Unlike the majority of channels carried by the company, the Inspiration Network does not charge a license fee to providers. Many failing networks cost carriers millions per year, however, and still remain prominent options in cable packages across the nation.

For example, DirecTV spends an estimated $25 million annually to carry Islamic news network Al Jazeera. Christian content the company received for free, however, was somehow deemed unacceptable.

Supporters of the network – and Christian programming in general – are adding their names to a petition that will be sent directly to DirecTV. Those upset with the company’s decision are also encouraged to call 1 (844) 438-4677 to express their disappointment.

A number of moral leaders, including former presidential candidate Gary Bauer, have taken to social media and other outlets to sound off on the issue.


Unfortunately, this cancellation is just one of countless signs that, in an age of ultra-tolerance of almost any perverse lifestyle, the only character trait allowed to be openly savaged is a faith in Jesus Christ.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Just watch the history channels when they have shows on Biblical history or Ancient Aliens. Jesus was an extra-terrestrial that will soon come back to get rid of the anti-Christ, ObSatan!

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