Christian Group Targets Atheists With Billboard Campaign

Atheist SC 300x212 Christian group targets atheists with billboard campaign

Using a tactic embraced by atheist groups such as the Freedom from Religion Foundation, a large-scale billboard campaign recently kicked off with the intent of introducing nonbelievers to Jesus Christ.

With highly visible signs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and a prominent spot in Times Square, evangelical group Answers in Genesis is spreading a simple message.

“To all our atheist friends: Thank God you’re wrong,” the billboards read, earning organizers both praise and ridicule.

President Ken Ham defended the message, saying that the campaign will encourage passersby “to visit AiG’s website and to read articles and watch a video that present the case for God’s existence.”

Huffington Post writer Cynthia Jeub, who covers topics relating to faith, called the slogan “unconvincing” and “unloving.”

Only time will tell how convincing the campaign is, though Ham refutes the assertion that his group’s message is not made in love.

“Atheists live in a world of ultimate meaninglessness and purposelessness,” Ham said, indicating that his group wants to introduce them to the good news of Jesus.

Answers in Genesis has long embraced unique ways to spread the gospel, including a museum that provides a scriptural presentation of the planet’s history.

“This culture needs to hear from Bible-believing Christians who stand for the truth,” he added. “We continue to make public challenges and statements to get people talking about God and his Word.”

With the steady rise in influence among secular humanists on the left, traditional Christian beliefs continue to be disparaged in our culture. While our society applauds atheist groups for their strong-willed stance, the same accommodations are not afforded to their faith-based counterparts.

A nation that once appreciated Christianity’s indelible mark now seeks to erase any reference to those time-tested ideals. Thankfully, Ham and other activists are willing to stand up in the face of guaranteed contempt to carry out the Great Commission.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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