Christian Foster Parents Unwelcome In Massachusetts

family SC 300x198 Christian foster parents unwelcome in Massachusetts

During recent comments to members of the Boston Bar Association, officials from the Department of Children and Families indicated that Massachusetts will no longer allow individuals with conservative social values to raise foster children.

In a video of the address, recruitment officer Michelle Gordon described “new expectations” of foster parents, explaining that the DCF is in the process of “weeding out some of this passiveness and sort of destructive behaviors that are occurring.”

Gay rights activist Erika Rickard, who serves on the Commission on LGBT Youth, claimed that two in every 10 foster children are gay. As a result, she said, foster parents must be “supportive” of that lifestyle by offering “welcoming and affirming homes.”

Prospective caregivers in the state are already required to take classes every year to learn more about sexual deviancy. Rickard, along with others on the panel, feel that Massachusetts leaders should do more to make sure foster parents all walk in leftist lockstep.

Tolerance is no longer enough, the speakers agreed, indicating that those who care for a foster child must show “proper support” of his or her particular sexual identity.

Young people in foster care, many with backgrounds filled with violence or abuse, are best served in a loving, structured environment. Escaping the tumult that is the child welfare system, these wards of the state should have an opportunity to be placed within a family that can provide for their needs — both materially and emotionally.

For radical leftists, however, parents are wholly unqualified if they fail a litmus test regarding homosexuality. More interested in preserving progressive ideology than offering troubled kids the opportunity to have a normal life, this policy is preventing potentially stellar caregivers from entering the foster program.

In addition to the stranglehold leftists currently have in the realm of public education, artificially maintaining societal homogeneity among foster families only furthers the long-term goal of creating a generation of secular humanists.

–Western Journalism staff writer



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