Christian Bakers Who Refused Cake Order For Gay Wedding Forced To Close Shop

Cross SC Christian bakers who refused cake order for gay wedding forced to close shop

A husband-and-wife bakery shop team in Oregon were forced to close their shop doors and move to cheaper digs — their home — after gay-rights activists hounded them and drove away contract business because they refused for Christian reasons to bake for a same-sex wedding.

Aaron and Melissa Klein own and operate Sweet Cakes by Melissa. In the past few months, they’ve faced heated scrutiny — some in the form of physical threats — from those in the gay-rights crowd who decried their May refusal to bake for a lesbian couple who wanted to marry.

The Kleins cited their Christian beliefs of traditional marriage when they turned down that business gig, The Blaze reported. But the lesbian couple filed a complaint with the state, accusing the shop owners of discrimination.

Since, they’ve been hounded by vicious telephone calls and emails.

Some of those threats were shocking. One emailer wished for the couple’s children to fall ill. Another expressed hope that Mr. Klein should be shot and even raped, The Blaze reported.

Read More at The Washington Times . By Cheryl K. Chumley.

Photo Credit: John H. Wright (Creative Commons)

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  1. I hope the bakery owners got some names and then finds a great lawyer and files a huge lawsuit

  2. Gay Activists Are Arrested in Russia & China. The Nazi's killed them in WW2 but America tolerates them under the
    code words, EQUAL JUSTICE! There is nothing equal about them. They use, abuse and misuse the Constitution
    as a Right Of Passage To Demonize anyone's 1st Amendment Rights As Sacrilege To Their Rights To Express Their Vulgar Behavior To Anyone Including The Masses. This is about the traditional family structure; not Gay Rights! So go get a Gay Baker to make you a Cake Sir!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    This what happens when all this political correctness bullshit happpens.It was better when the fudgepackers were still underground.

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I wonder if I can force a baker to bake my 'wedding' cake when I marry my sister/brother/mother/father?
    I wonder if I can force a baker to bake my 'wedding' cake when I marry my second spouse for my polygamous marriage?
    These 'marriages' are not allowed? Why not? They are deemed 'morally unacceptable'? Do you mean as 'gay marriages' are?
    But all I want is to be treated equally under the law. I have no control over who I fall 'in love' with.

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