Chicago Principal ‘Reassigned’ After Rash Of Anti-Jewish Bullying

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As leftists protest Israel’s military response to countless missile strikes launched by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, anti-Semitic sentiment has apparently taken root in other arenas as well. Reports indicate that a Chicago-area school was the scene of at least two shocking incidents of bullying against Jewish students.

According to Lisa Wolf Clemente, her two sons were subjected to serious harassment by fellow students at Ogden International School.

In one case, she said her 14-year-old son was targeted in the lunchroom where he was forced to look at photos of ovens and told that he should get in one. The disturbing display was apparently intended as a comparison to the furnaces used to incinerate Jews during the Holocaust.

That victim’s eight-year-old brother, Clemente added, was sent an invitation to join his classmates in an online game as part of a team known as ‘Jew Incinerator.’

The outrageous description of the team was captured as evidence:

“We are a friendly group of racists with one goal – put all Jews in to an army camp until disposed of. Sieg! Heil!”

Three students determined to be involved in the bullying were suspended and prohibited from taking part in graduation ceremonies.

These incidents also led to an effort to force the school’s principal out of the position. Hundreds signed a petition calling for Joshua VanderJagt’s ouster; however, recent reports indicate that Barbara Byrd-Bennett, CEO of Chicago Public Schools, has instead decided to send him to a different school.

“Mr. VanderJagt has asked to be reassigned within the District,” she explained; “and I have granted this request.”

She asserted that “the students, parents and the school community will be best served by a new principal of their choosing,” although she did not offer a prediction about the school that will now be saddled with the embattled executive.

Reports indicate that VanderJagt has been at the helm of Ogden International for only a matter of months. Current controversy surrounding the principal comes after the prior administrative team was also reassigned based on a vague recommendation by the school district.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm surprized he didn't get a better job in the Obutthole administration considering they don't like jews either.He could become an assistant to Holder the biggest racist going.

    • Why is this comment of yours always first?

      Looks like a rigged website…others are contributing, and should be moved above your nasty remarks. Both parties are in the pockets of Corporate America, the Repubs a little more than the Dems. It's time to think and vote Independent or Third Party! There is a lot behind the scenes we don't know about, so how can there be such conclusory statements made–without supporting facts?!

      • Linda A. says:

        Hey Missy,
        Edward's comment is not first, this just goes by whoever types it first and no this is NOT a rigged website. Are you one of Obama's Trolls? you sure sound like it

  2. There is little legal proof of Obama's transgression re Libya, depending on the MOTIVE. The People of Libya were begging for protection… I would think the drone warfare is a bigger concern, breaching national sovereignty, et al., despite the Pakistani and Yemen Gov'ts "giving permission" (maybe with bribes from the USA Gov't?!). Leave the "terrorists" alone and they won't grow larger in numbers, then. It appears (plus there are proofs) that the USA Gov't is horrifyingly imperialistic, and the Presidents get hooked into that zeitgeist. Impeaching BUSH/CHENEY et al. was MUCH more important than the complaints about Obama, including the desire of the MAJORITY of Americans wishing to impeach–AND to indict Bush/Cheney ~ but both the Repubs and Dems caved on that definite act of justice.

    jyt – Los Angeles

  3. Bush and Cheney are WAR CRIMINALS – and have been deemed so by the most illustrious of legal and research organizations ~ such as the Center for Constitutional Rights in America et al.; and, the countries of Belgium, Malaysia, Japan…. google for info. Also, the famed Prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi, wrote a book about same: THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER – an excellent prove-up of the truth about the LIES as "reasons" for invading IRAQ.

  4. America has messed with the MiddleEast too much…starting and continuing with the immoral, illegal, and unethical support of ISRAEL when indeed Israel is the one who started the "Nakba" against the Palestinians way back in 1948—a true catastrophe of killing tens of thousands of Palestinians in their Land, taking their homes and Land. And America supports Israel via AIPAC (who gives tons of money to most all Congressmembers–to support Israel!).

  5. Israel has proven to be a war criminal, asso has America indirectly in this travesty. Injustice and violence, especially together, can breed the Palestinians taking up arms in their way–initially through terrorists acts, and now through quite-benign rockets to Israel, their defending their right to Land, Home, and safe Well-being, freely. Israel's attacks on Palestine now (and prior) have been fierce and disproportionate, as they keep on NOT agreeing to just conditions which Hamas offers. Eventually it will be a One State Solution – called Israel…but Palestinians will not give up, so even more eventually it will be Israelestine – with Palestinians, Jews, Christians and others living in that Land peacefully together–as they did once before.


    • Linda A. says:

      Excuse me missy,Julieanna
      You do NOT know what the hell you are talking about!!!! Israel is NOT a war criminal!!!! they are defending themselves from Hamas who have attacked Israel first. You need to stop listening to the lying news media, your facts are all twisted!!

      • Why are you so angry with a differing view? I'd really appreciate it if you'd refrain from smut language and attacking me personally.. Please read the history of why Hamas/Palestinians are angry with Israel. Maybe that will clarify things. Israel may have the "right to defend itself" — do they? after decimating the Palestinian population and lands? Who is defending themselves from whom? Use of any violence is stupid, so in that regard, both sides are stupid–so stupid that they can't work out their differences with good faith, fairly. And Israel has NOT been fair on so much. Please read… breaches of U.N. Resolutions giving relief to Palestinians, breaches of international law, etc.


        • Linda A. says:

          Hey Missy,
          Dam right I am angry, you dingbat!!! I am tired of liberal fools like you peddling your B.S. when in fact you know nothing!!! you are just another brain washed idiot!!!

          And speaking of clarification, what is there to clarify? read the history of Hamas/Palestinians?, and read the breaches of U.N.? are you that brain washed to believe this nonsense? is this what they are teaching in these liberal colleges? Oh I'll bet you got your false information from some liberal anti Israel and anti America professor

          For your information the land belonged to Israel in the first place, this land was given to them by God, you would know that if you ever read the word of God, but I'll bet you do NOT believe in God.

          And what does the U.N. has to do with this? the U.N. is nothing more then the United Nothings, a bunch of 3rd world nations of poverty and they have no saying in anything

          You say that Israel and Palestinian should work out their difference? where the hell have you been Missy? In 2005 Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians in exchange for peace, but instead Israel got attacked rain with rockets, a few months after giving them Gaza. This is the thanks that Israel got for giving them land for peace. Israel has been more then fair, you need to take your head out of your azz, your facts are all twisted, then again what can be expected from a liberal like you!!!

          You are a brainwash liberal, please peddle your propaganda some where else, I would not be surprise if you voted for this loser Obama, you are a political correct idiot, it's a no wonder why our Country is so screwed up with idiots like you running around peddling false information

  6. Obama…

    …he's not strong enough in supporting the Palestinians. Impeaching Obama? If the Repubs didn't go for impeaching BUSH/cheney, then why are they going for Obama? Bush/Cheney et al. related to their egregious actions and lies, are the real culprits. Trying to impeach Obama – sounds like politics–even jealousy and possible racism–to me. I think you have no precedence or well-founded reasons for this action, especially because of your not going after the bona fide war criminals and egregious breachers of the Constitution, Bush/Cheney et al.

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