Chicago Mayor Targets City’s Vending Machine Snacks

Rahm Emanuel SC Chicago mayor targets citys vending machine snacks

As the mayor of a city defined by violent crime and absolute corruption at every level of leadership, Rahm Emanuel recently announced his priority for Chicago is … vending machine snacks?

Yes, Obama’s former chief of staff wants to impose restrictions on more than 350 vending machines in city buildings, thus preventing the company providing the snacks and beverages a say in what they offer.

The new guidelines allow “high calorie” beverages to make up just one-quarter of all cold drinks sold. The definition of high calorie, by the way, is a mere 25 calories per serving.

All hot beverages must come in below 25 calories, too.

Expanding on a nonsensical idea by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, only containers of water and seltzer are allowed to be larger than 12 fluid ounces.

Food regulations impose similar restrictions, allowing just one in four snacks sold to contain more than 250 calories. A certain number of snacks must also have less than 250 mg of sodium per serving.

Additionally, each machine must have nut-free and gluten-free offerings.

An American city should never arbitrarily stifle the freedom of private business, but this is just the latest of countless examples proving many do exactly that.

When enough employers in these big government nanny districts realize they’re being railroaded and move to states that encourage entrepreneurial freedom, Emanuel, Bloomberg, and company will be left with no one to intimidate.


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  1. Sign the petition to have a new election or to have recount of the election

  2. Sign the petition to have a new election or to have recount of the election

  3. Al Capone would be loving this.

  4. Rahm Emanuel is an IDIOT. So are the people of Chicago who voted him in.

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