Chicago Eclipses Much Larger NYC In Reported Murders

Chicago SC Chicago eclipses much larger NYC in reported murders
Barack Obama’s beloved Windy City, home to some of the strictest gun laws in the world, has now become the murder capital of the U.S.According to Federal Bureau of Investigation records, an even 500 murders were reported in Chicago during 2012. That number represents 81 more than those registered in New York City, which has three times as many residents. As violent crime has been relatively flat or on the decline in recent years, murders in Chicago last year jumped by 69 compared to 2011 totals.There were areas — including now-bankrupt and perpetually Democrat-controlled Detroit, Mich. — with a higher per capita murder rate, but the Second City continues to be the poster child for ineffective and dangerous gun control legislation.

Though his childhood background is more than nebulous, Obama as an adult was an unabashed fixture in Chicago’s corrupt political system. Considering his willingness to surround himself with others from that environment during his time in the White House, it becomes obvious that he would like to create an America that reflects the skewed ideals of his hometown.

He continues to search for any reason to impose draconian gun control legislation on a federal level, thus ushering in a glut of murders from sea to shining sea.

Unfortunately, for both the victims and for the pursuit of truth, the ridiculously high number of homicides in Chicago is largely ignored. Even local news outlets generally afford little space to covering the indiscriminate violent death occurring daily on the city’s streets.

The FBI report also indicated that nearly 7 in 10 murders last year involved a firearm. As we’ve been continually told by leftist politicians, more restrictive gun laws save lives by preventing criminals from obtaining deadly weapons.

Chicago offers a glaring rebuttal to that argument, which is why the topic is avoided by the mainstream media at all costs.


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    Where is John "Dildo"McCain complaining we should arm the regular people to fight these gangs that Obutthole created when he was Community Gang Leader. Bill Ayers taught him everything he he knew on killing and blow buildings up.Rahm and Assholerod taught him how to screw the public.Obutthole learned the CHicago way fas.t

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