Charlie Daniels Just Sent An Epic Note To America’s Enemies- ‘You Don’t Know…’

Charlie Daniels is a well known name in the country music scene. Fiddle player, song writer and singer, Daniels has been in the business since the early 1950s.

He is also vocal in his American patriotism and disapproval of the current presidential administration. In fact, he recently released an “Open Letter,” to the enemies of the United States.

The underlying theme of the letter is, “You see Obama, but you don’t know America.”

In the letter, Daniels addresses the Iranian Navy’s apprehension of two American Naval vessels.

Daniels writes, “Something just didn’t seem right.” He went on to assert that the vessels in question were equipped with space age navigational equipment that would have notified them of the Iranian vessels.

Daniels also criticized John Kerry’s public statement in which he thanked the Iranians for their humane treatment of the crew, even though the sailors were disarmed and made to kneel in submission.

He writes that this was an attempt to suggest that America is weak and defenseless.

In his letter, Daniels describes what he believes is the world’s perception of America under Obama. That is, a nation who stood by and didn’t lift a finger when the Iranian public was protesting their government. America drew lines in Syria and said nothing when the lines were crossed. We’re the nation that lets anybody cross our borders and then we give them sanctuary.


Daniels goes on to describe what he feels it means to be the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

Daniels writes that enemies see the tiny, inept, incompetent, cowering tip of a very big, very capable iceberg.

He describes the people of the Heartland as fiercely independent and willing to defend this nation, whatever it takes.

He describes the “folks in Cajun county”, capable of wrestling a full grown alligator out of the water.

Daniel continues with his descriptions of the American people and finishes up by saying that America will soon have a new leader and, “I pray to Almighty God every day that we will choose the right one.”

The controversial entertainer previously wrote an Open Letter to President Obama.

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  1. Angelicsweep says:

    Just a pinch between your cheek and gum.

    Still a great message Charlie. I wonder how many people don't have a bottom lip because of you?

  2. record keeper says:

    Great letter Mr. Daniels, and America thanks you for your service. Oh wait…..

  3. LivvyLivLiv says:

    Who ?? Is he the guy in Dumb and Dumber with Jim Carry-out ?? If he's that old singer in the dumb and dumber white cowgirlz hat he should stay down in Georgia playin his fiddle-dee-dee with the devilz.<—Scare-eeee !!

    • He also makes top selling but not very good whiskey.

      • LivvyLivLiv says:

        Dat be him toooo ?? Duzz he go by the 'nother nomenclature Jack ?? I likes sum good Jack but the one from the Yukon is the killerz good stuff, Jack Daniels is the better than nothin stuff for when yew lose your bottle of Yukon. Don't axe me how I knowz this, dat's personal !! o.0

  4. End4'enAid says:

    To Mr. Daniels,
    You sir are a f***'en idiot when it comes to international engagements between military forces.
    Is anyone to believe you would want our military to not disarm a foreign military caught in our
    waters or make them kneel?? You should have kept to music.

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