Celebrity Mormon-bashing Catches On

Mitt Romney 2 Celebrity Mormon bashing catches on

I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. With nothing in his track record to run on, Obama’s supporters are left with little ammunition short of bigoted comments against the religious beliefs of GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

It’s one thing when Trey Parker and Matt Stone deride the religion, since they’ve made it obvious no topic is off limits for their ridicule. The left, however, only tolerate criticism of approved targets. This election season, the LDS church is definitely one of those targets.

When conservatives dare criticize any of the tenents of “the religion of peace,” we are labeled by the left as intolerant and hateful. When Cher posts derogatory remarks against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and one of its members, Mitt Romney, the left applauds and promptly retweets them.

The singer began a twitter tirade this week against Romney, calling him in one post an “Uncaring Richy Rich” and suggesting a GOP victory would result in “The whitest man in MAGIC UNDERWEAR” (emphasis hers) in the White House. This crass reference to the Mormon doctrine concerning temple garments struck me as not only condescending and rude, but hypocritical. If anyone puts trust in magic underwear, it’s got to be Cher; she’s somehow made a living in hers for 50 years!

This was far from the first shots Cher has taken against Romeny via social media. Tweets sent by her account in May indicate she might be unable to “breathe [the] same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters.” She certainly does have a way with words.

If the LDS-bashing was coming from just this source, one might write it off as simply the rants of a washed-up pop star, but plenty of other liberal mouthpieces have joined in on the action.

Ever-offensive hack Bill Maher took to Twitter to call the LDS church a “cult,” suggesting Romney went overseas “trying to brow-beat Frenchmen into joining.”

Wrestler, actor, politician and athiest Jesse Ventura took the theme further in a recent interview, saying he doesn’t want “someone in the highest office that believes in magic underwear.”

As Obama and his surrogates get increasingly desperate, especially since they are now stuck defending an unpopular Obamacare tax. I expect to see even more of this religious bigotry from the left. When we merely suggest the radical, racist teachings of Jeremiah Wright don’t support the basic beliefs of mainstream Christianity, though, we are always the intolerant ones.

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  1. I believe that Romney being Morman is a good thing. They are idealists when it comes to traditional values, such as family, marriage, and moral values. I have no trouble voting for a man, that is MORMAN. By the way I am a Roman Catholic since birth and practicing.
    Go Romney!

  2. Cher, What makes you think anybody cares about what you think??????????????? And then Bill Maher joins in. Previous comment applies,

  3. Harry Reid is a Morman. How come no bashing of him?

  4. Maher is a miscreant and Cher is just stupid.

  5. And speaking of "uncaring richy rich" people, Cher is definitely one of them. She fits right in with Maher.

  6. Disgusted says:

    @ Cher, you know, you are a little “long in the tooth” these days to be behaving like you haven’t got the brains of a piss ant. And underwear bashing? Are you serious? You should talk, you seem to have trouble keeping your underwear, UNDER your WEAR! But then, like pelosy, piglousy, you and she have something in common, other than the fact that both of you ARE COMMON! Utterly and completly COMMON, as common as an old dishrag that has outlived it’s usefulness, you and old Botox Pigface Piglousy, you both have far, and over and above, outlived your usefulness and your meaning of anything other than to be so stupid that you should really keep your mouths shut, because each time you open them, your stupidity and total ignorance shows bad taste, and leaves the rest of us with a bad taste in our own mouths. By the way, don’t you think that you and your pig faced buddy, Piglousy, have over botoxed your faces already? You are what, pushing 70? Oh, maybe a couple of years less, but nonetheless, you are really kinda, sorta, OLD now aren’t you? Sure, you look good in pictures, but tell us, what do you look like when the makeup and wigs are taken off, and you haven’t been “airbrushed” into looking like what you aren’t anymore? A pity, a real pity that I now feel nothing but disgust for you, as I was once one of your biggest fans. I will probably take the CD’s I have of yours and throw them in the burn barrel, or just break them into little peices. You hollyidiot types should do what you do best, sing, act, or shut the hell up, you make yourselves into the jokes that you really are, and not good or funny jokes at that. “she is just an old washed up” ??????? That would be you, Cher. Washed up, and finished. No one cares anymore, no one is really interested. I saw you the other evening, and there is nothing natural about you anymore, your face would break if it were to fall off and hit the floor, too much BOTOXING DEAR!!! Way too much! It has affected your mind. Take it easy on the face poison. It has poisoned your mouth and attitude.

  7. Who cares what cher or any other hollywood celebrity thinks. I much prefer a mormon to a muslim

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