Cave on the Debt Ceiling and Kiss 2012 Goodbye

Michael Reagan,

If the GOP is really serious about winning back the presidency, it needs to win the deficit debate. The government of these United States is broke — flat broke — and if the nation is to survive as the prosperous nation it has long been, Republicans must restore fiscal sanity and call a halt to spending money we don’t have!

That’s what the Republicans promised us they would do last November, and largely on the strength of that pledge we let them take back the House. After all, it’s obvious that we can’t trust the Democrats to spend the public’s money wisely and well.

President Obama is promising to seek $3 in spending cuts for every $1 of new taxes, exactly as my father Ronald Reagan sought to do. When my dad passed away in 2004, he was still waiting for that $3. Barack Obama can expect the same dismal outcome.

Ask the first President George Bush how it worked out when he cut a deal with the Democrats in 1991 to….

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  1. Do we Americans need to go to congress and insert a lead pipe up their bazoos for them. They are NOT listening (we WON'T increase the debt limit unless we have the same amount of cuts in the deficit), WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? DO THEY THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID!!! If they get the same amount of cuts then WHY bother increase the debt limit? I am done with this bunch! IT IS THE TAXPAYERS MONEY THEY ARE FIGHTING OVER AND WE ARE TIRED OF ALL OF THEM. They have put nothing in as WE HAVE BEEN PAYING THEM TO STIFF US FOR EVERYTHING and obama just gives it away.

  2. Everyone keep records of how these people vote on these issues, and VOTE OUT anyone who disregards what the AMERICAN CITIZENS HAVE SENT THEM THERE TO DO.

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      Well, Irosin, I guess that means that we should vote out EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!!!!! For so far, none are supporting less of a deficit. Only more, on top of even more. For us normal credit card owners, if we were to be in debt, with no way to pay our bills, not one credit card company would extend us more credit. Unless I am very wrong about this, and they would……which I don’t beleive they would! We’d lose our credit, and start recieving nasty calls from debt collectors. So, why is it ok for those dishonest low lifes in washington to raise the debt ceiling while we go farther into a national crisis, and on into bankruptcy? Which is where we are right now, deep in debt and going farther down into the hole of debt with no way up and out! I understand none of their thought process, except the part which includes GREED! And the fact that all of them are so POWER HUNGRY THAT THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO REACH THEIR GOALS OF WHATEVER IT IS THAT THEY WANT! In the meantime, they are murdering a country! Ours. America is being MURDERED and we can hear her screams every moment of each day! This July 4th would be a good time to start the Second American Revolution. From my point of view, an American Revolution is the only way we are going to be able to restart our economy and give LIFE BACK TO AMERICA AND WE AMERICAN PATRIOTS! Independance Day for us, the Second Time Around! No, I am not a war monger, but I consider a fight for our country a very good reason to stand up and take her back from the murderers of MY COUNTRY!!!!!!!! Vote them out? Not a real good chance of that happening, not when people are still defending this muslime and his cronies and all their lies. Unless we get serious and UNITE, we are doomed to another 4 years of this hell that has been visited upon us by the outright STUPIDITY AND COWARDICE OF THE AMERICAN DIMWITS WHO PUT THIS FREAK MUSLIME INTO THAT OFFICE! They are still out there and waiting to cast their unholy votes for this insult, this infection once again! If we don’t stop them in their tracks. So, will we stop them in time?

      • James Loney says:

        Betsy you are so right. Everything you say is 100% correct. However when you deal with a "Communist" it is an uphill battle. This Obama is a Commie as is this "STUPID" Joe Biden. They are "LIERS" and THEIVES. Our country is being dismanteled right before our eyes and NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I have written letters and made phone calls and all I get in return is a bunch of "CRAP" that has not one bit of truth in it. I'M sorry but I don't believe that we are going to have anything left by 2012 if this idot is not kicked out of office and I do believe that there will not be an election because OBAMIE and his "UNION" buddies will find a way to manufacture a crisis of some kind,declare Martial law and that will be it. I hope i'm wrong!!!

  3. Kerk Edwards says:

    This post reminds me of a scene from the Hollywood movie, The Broken city starring Mark Walhberg and Russel Crowe. The scene revolves around the debt debate issue but it is for the Mayor post. Yeah, the one who wants to win must win the debt financial debate by convincing people over there. Even, I had some debts to promote my usa writers on business and I hope that I could get over it. Thanks for the share.

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